Nov 27, 2018

T.RD8503.03 All Resolutions Free Download

T.RD8503.03 All Resolutions Free Download

Are You finding a best site for led tv softwares? You are on the best place, You will get every type of led tv softwares. In this post you will get all resolutions of T.RD8503.03 Universal board for free.

T.RD8503.03 All Resolutions Free Download

Detailed Information About T.R85.031

Model No: T.RD8503.03

Main Chipset: RDA 8503

Trademark: CXEL

Board Size: 168.00X42.0(mm)

Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9, 16:10

Display Format: Up To 1920x108

Panel Size Support: 15" to 24"

How To Update Firmware?

1. Take a UDISK and Format at Fat32

2. Copy the Firmware In USB Disk
3. Plug USB Disk into USB Port of LED TV
4. Switch On the Power and Wait till IR Indicator led stops Flashing
5. Done, Unplug USB Disk and Enjoy!

Download Any Resolution Of T.RD8503.03 Card

Card Resolution Remote Download Link
T.RD8503.03 800X600 General/Sony/Samsung/LG Download
T.RD8503.03 1024X768 General/Sony/Samsung/LG Download
T.RD8503.03 1280X1024 General/Sony/Samsung/LG Download
T.RD8503.03 1280X768 General/Sony/Samsung/LG Download
T.RD8503.03 1366X768 General/Sony/Samsung/LG Download
T.RD8503.03 1440X900 General/Sony/Samsung/LG Download
T.RD8503.03 1600X900 General/Sony/Samsung/LG Download
T.RD8503.03 1680X1050 General/Sony/Samsung/LG Download
T.RD8503.03 1920X1080 General/Sony/Samsung/LG Download


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    1. how long the ir led indicator will stop flashing?

  2. Respected I need R.R83.03 v3 1366*768 Firmware !

  3. cant download the 1920x1080 resolution.. pls check

  4. is this applicable to 50 inch fhd panel?

  5. ola tenho uma tela modelo B156XW02 V.6 era de um note acer nao quer aceitar o firmware a luz so fica azul, alguem pode me ajudar?

  6. 1280x1024 something wrong with the resolution it opened 1280x768 is it the same?

  7. Replies
    1. Link is updated please try again

    2. getting this error when extracting the file ! C:\Users\ACER\Downloads\T.RD8501.03_1280x1024 (1).rar: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

    3. Please reinstall your winrar software

  8. I am using LTN156HT02 screen, screen turns on but very very dark must add a bright light behind to see what is on screen, what is the problem?

  9. I want to add a video out port for this board, can i and how?

  10. güncelleme sonrası süreklı kırmızı yanıyo acılmıyo ne yapabilirim


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