T.V56.A8 All Resolution Firmware Free Download


T.V56.A8 All Resolution Firmware Free Download

Are You finding a best site to download LED TV Firmware/Software? You are on the best place, You can download any type of LED TV Firmware/Software. In this post you can download all resolutions of T.V56.A8 Universal board for free.

T.V56.A8 All Resolution Firmware

In this post you can download all the firmware/software for T.V56.A8 universal board for free. for example, All firmwares of T.V56.A8 universal board are available. So, in the last of this post you can see a table, from this table you can download any your desired resolution firmware for free.

How To Update Firmware?

1. Take a UDISK and Format at Fat32
2. Copy the Firmware In USB Disk
3. Plug USB Disk into USB Port of LED TV
4. Switch On the Power and Wait till IR Indicator led stops Flashing
5. Done, Unplug USB Disk and Enjoy!

LED TV Ka Firmware Update Kase Karen?

1: Sub se pehle aap apne panel ki datasheet se panel ki resolution dekhen
2: osi resolution ka firmware yahan se download karen
3: download karne k baad aap ko ek .BIN ki file mile gi ose copy karen
4: ek USB Disk len usy fat32 pe rakh k format karen
5: Our .BIN file jo copy ki thi usy iss me paste karen
6: USB Disk apni led ya universal board me insert karen
7: LED TV ka power switch laga den, led tv ki ir ya jo red light hu wo blink karne lag jaye gi
8: Jab ye poori tarha se blink karna band hu jaye tabb aap led ko remote se on karen our enjoy karen… Thanks

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Card File Description Download Link
T.V56.A8 General_1024_768 Download
T.V56.A8 General_DO6L_1024_768 Download
T.V56.A8 General_1366_768 Download
T.V56.A8 General_1440_900 Download
T.V56.A8 General_1920_1080 Download
T.V56.A8 M201U05_SLA3_1600X1200CS180040_RX Download
T.V56.A8 PNL_CLAA150XG08_TB_XH_CD5_SI6_1024_768 Download
T.V56.A8 PNL_HSD150SX84_DO6T_TOCN_SS40_12V Download
T.V56.A8 PNL_HUIDI_215HVN01_1 Download
T.V56.A8 PNL_LTM220M1_L01_1680_1050 Download
T.V56.A8 PNL_LTM240CT03_1920_1200 Download
T.V56.A8 PNL_M170EG02_SXGA Download
T.V56.A8 PNL_M240K04V0_1_1920_1200 Download


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