T.MS6308.702 Firmware Free Download


Hi, In this post I will provide here T.MS6308.702 Firmware in All resolutions for free download. T.MS6308.702 is a Chinese brand Full HD 1920×1080 Resolution Smart LED TV Board. The SmartBoard has only one USB port and 3-HDMI ports. You can use the USB port to install or update the Firmware Software on your LED TV. It has all other features like other smart boards. Here you can download the firmware for TMS6308702 LED TV board, 1366×768-DGTEC, 1920×1080-BAUHN, T.MS6308.702-Technika 50F22B-FHD Resolutions are available here.

All the T.MS6308.702 Firmware/Software Files that are available here are BIN files, so you can update them on your LED TV with the help of USB Disk Drive. You just need to download the files according to the Screen panel and mainboard then extract it using WinRAR software. After that, you will get a folder open it and copy .BIN files to the USB Disk and then install/update it to your LED TV.

T.MS6308.702 Firmware Free Download
T.MS6308.702 Firmware Free Download

T.MS6308.702 Specifications

BrandUniversal Chinese FHD Smart Board
Max Resolution1920×1080
Operating SustemAndroid
USB Ports1
HDMI Ports3
USB Firmware UpdateYes

How to Download T.MS6308.702 Firmware

You can watch our youtube video to learn the complete download process if you are new or beginner. Basically we made this video for those who were facing some problems in downloading firmware files from this site. But you don’t need to dace any problem, just watch the Ful video and learn to download the files from here. Below the button is available, click this button and then watch the video.

Firmware Download

FirmwareDownload Link
T.MS6308.702-Technika 50F22B-FHDDownload

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