T.MS6488E.U801 Firmware Free Download


Hi, T.MS6488E.U801 is a 4K Three in one Universal China LED TV Motherboard that used in LED TVs as a mainboard. It is a combo board, and it comes with the Android 6.0 Operating system. The Smartboard supports Ultra High Definition 3840×2160 resolution. T.MS6488E.U801 Smart LED TV Board used for 42 to 65 Inch LED Screen Panels. The board comes with 1GB RAM and 4 8 GB ROM. The Software of the board can easily be installed through a USB Flash Drive. So we will give you all the resolutions for T.MS6488E.U801 Firmware for free download.

T.MS6488E.U801 Firmware Free Download
T.MS6488E.U801 Firmware Free Download

T.MS6488E.U801 Firmware

As you know guys today we are providing here T.MS6488E.U801 Firmware Software all resolution for free of cost. So anyone can download and use these firmware files for free. If you were searching for this or if you have this smartboard hen you should download any of your required Software files from here. First, You have to confirm the Resolution and Size of your screen panel then match the mainboard model and then download the Bi files according to the panel and board specifications. These all files are tested and easy to use with USB Devices, so use them if you have the proper knowledge about the installation.

T.MS6488E.U801 Specifications

BrandUniversal China LED TV Motherboard
Max Resolutions3840×2160
Panel Size42 to 65 Inch
Operating SystemAndroid 6.0
USB UpdateableYes

How to Download T.MS6488E.U801 Firmware

It is an easy task to get the bin files from this site. But still, if you are facing the problems then here is the best solution for you. We have uploaded a video on youtube for the purpose of teaching the download process of this site to beginner and new visitors. Well, if you want to learn the download method then you must watch the video completely, after that you can easily download any files from here. You can watch the video by clicking the following button.

Firmware Download

FirmwareDownload Link

Firmware Details:

File: CP155757-TEMPO-QIYUE-MS6488-U801C-UD-VB1-8LANE-COS T-LSC480FN03-UK-irBAUHN-OAD-T2-V1-AT-R-V0.01-20160411-184428
Panel: SAMSUNG LSC480FN03 , 3840×2160 , 60Hz , by-One 8 lane

File: CP166662-HAIER-MS6488E-U801-536D550XU13-irHAIER-A1 8EN-LE55U6500U-OAD-T2-V1-AT-R-V1.01-20160607-2.tar
Panel: 3840×2160 Panel LE55U6500U

File: CP155751-TEMPO-QIYUE-MS6488-U801C-UD-VB1-8LANE-COS T-LSC480FN06-UK-irBAUHN-OAD-T2-V1-AT-R-V0.01-20160407-163458
Panel: SAMSUNG LSC480FN06-W , 3840×2160 , 60Hz , by-One 8 lane

File: CS212517-TEMPO-QIYUE-MS6488-U801C-UD-VB1-8LANE-COS T-LSC490FN03-W-UK-irBAUHN-OAD-DA-T2-V2-AT-R-V0.01-20161230-145915
Panel: SAMSUNG LSC490FN03-W , 3840×2160 , 60Hz , by-One 8 lane

File: CP169628-TEMPO-CNC-MS6488-U801C-UD-VB1-8LANE-LSC55 0FJ11-AUS-DA-T2-V2-AT-R-V0.01-20160628-191641
Panel: SAMSUNG LSC550FJ11 , 3840×2160 , 60Hz , by-One 8 lane

File: CP169288-TEMPO-CNC-MS6488-U801C-UD-VB1-8LANE-LSC65 0FJ09-AUS-DA-T2-V2-AT-R-V0.01-20160629-172516
Panel: SAMSUNG LSC650FJ09-H , 3840×2160 , 120Hz , V-by-One 16 lane

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