CV358H-T42 Software Download


Hello Guys, Here is another Smart Board Firmware Post that CV358H-T42 Software Download. CV358H-T42 is Universal Smart Network LED TV Driver Board, it uses the Android Operating System. The LED TV Smart Board supported 1920×1080 Full High Definition Resolution. Wireless WiFi System and RJ45 Connector mean Wired system can be used to connect the Internet with this Universal Smart LED TV Board.

CV358H-T42 has multiple Ports that are used for multiple purposes like there are two USB ports that can be used to update CV358H-T42 Firmware/Software, Play Media like Video, Audio, Images, and Documents. HDMI ports can be used to connect the LED TV with the PC and VGA also can be used for this purpose. Check the table below for more specifications. If you want to CV358H-T42 Software Download then go to the below table and find your required resolution if you have found then click the download button to download.

Well, Guys, I am sure you are here because you need the CV358H-T42 Software Download, Am I right? yes. You can download from here the collection of CV358H-T42 Firmware and Software files for free of cost. You will get here CV358H-T42-1920×1080-Allview 40ATS5100, 1920×1080-Revolution Galaxy, CV358H-T42-1920×1080-TV43 Tiger and more.

So Guys we will update this post exactly when we got some more best and useful resolutions firmware files for this SMart LED TV Board. These all files are being provided here for free of cost, and I am sure these all files are tested. But still, if you make any problem during the installation of CV358H-T42 Firmware then we will not be responsible for any type of loss or damage. So, CV358H-T42 Software Download and install and update it carefully on your Smart LED TV Board.

CV358H-T42 Software Download
CV358H-T42 Software Download

CV358H-T42 Specifications

Main Board BrandCV358H-T42
Main Board ModelUniversal Full HD Smart LED TV Board
Max Resolutions19220×1080
Operating SystemAndroid
WiFI SupportedYes
RJ 45 ConnectorYes
USB Ports2
HDMI Ports3
All Other PortsA/V, USB, RJ45, HDMI, VGA and More
USB Firmware UpdateYes
Input Voltages220V AC

How to Update CV358H-T42 Software

Hi, If you interested to install or update your CV358H-T42 Software/Firmware then definitely you can do this in some steps. But first of All, You need a proper guide and explanation which I can give you in this post. Here you can learn to update/install CV358H-T42 Software easily in your Universal Smart LED TV Board. So all the guide is available below in the form of a list, follow al ht steps one by one carefully, and simply implement them on your LED TV.

  • USB Flash Drive is needed, arrange any 2.0 or 3.0 Flash Drive, format it Using Fat32
  • Note Down you LED TV Main Board Model, Display Resolution, and match with the below resolutions then Download it if you have found.
  • Now, Extract the downloaded file using WinRAR Software in your PC or Mobile
  • After that, You will get a Folder, Copy the Bin file from the folder to the USB Flash
  • Connect the USB Flash Drive with the CV358H-T42 Smart LED TV Board
  • Power plug-in again and wait while the LED TV will automatically pick the Firmware
  • If everything is Okay then the LED TV will start the Software updating, Red indicator light will blink continuously during this process.
  • You just need to wait, till the LED light stops glowing and the LED goes to standby
  • When you see noting is happening LED is sleeping then Remove USB the Firmware is installed in your LED TV Successfully, SUe the Remote to Start the TV.

How to CV358H-T42 Software Download

Finally guys here you can learn to CV358H-T42 Software download the firmware form this site. Even it is not a difficult task to do but some peoples are considering it very difficult. Now you have to click the download button on in the front of your Required resolution firmware files, On the next page again click the download icon then the file should start downloading. If it is not then you can watch the below How to Download Vidoe to learn to download from this website.

CV358H-T42 Software Download

CV358H-T42-1920×1080-Allview 40ATS5100Download
CV358H-T42-1920×1080-Revolution GalaxyDownload
CV358H-T42-1920×1080-TV43 TigerDownload

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