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Hi, This is Anees Imran Technician From Lahore Pakistan. I am a technician in Lahore Pakistan, I also have my own shop of LCD/LED TV Repairing in Lahore. We repair LCD/LED TV, Laptop/Computer and more Electronics Devices.

About This Blog

Soft4led is created by Anees Imran Technician, we have created this blog to provide you All type of Support about Electronics Like All types of Smart/no-smart LCD/LED TV Firmware/Software files, LCD/LED TV Panel COF IC Datasheets, All Smart TV Boards EMMC PInouts, Schematic Diagram of LCD/LED TV, Laptop/Computer motherboards and many more things. We have uploaded here some Universal/Chinese/Original Brands Smart/non-smart LED TV Firmware/Bin files, satellite receiver firmware/bin files and many more things about Electronics and repairing.

If you are a technician and you want to get any firmware/bin files, you can search on this site. All the things are available freely on this site, you can download everything easily.

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