CV338H-A Firmware Free Download


Hi, This is the new post at soft4led, in this post, you will get the firmware files for another 4K Smart LED TV Board. Today I will show you CV338H-A Firmware/Software to download for free from this site. You can download the firmware/software freely from this site.

It is very easy to download from here, so we will provide some useful resolutions of CV338H-A50 firmware like CV338H-A 3840×2160 UHD THIAMSOON. So, friends, we are providing this firmware/software for free, so please share it with your WhatsApp, Facebook groups. CV338H-A is a 4K UHD Resolution supported Smart TV Board, CV338H-A is the Latest Intelligent board with high quality and High Speed.

CV338H-A Firmware Free Download
CV338H-A Firmware Free Download

How to Update CV338H-A Firmware

How to Download CV338H-A Firmware? Is this your question? don’t worry I am showing you some steps. Please follow them and install or update the firmware successfully. Please follow this guide step by step, don’t miss any of the below steps. So, let’s get started with step one.

1- You need a USB Disk drive take and format it to install the firmware

2- If you have downloaded the file, use WinRAR software to extract the file

3- After extracting, you will get a folder, go to the folder and copy the . BIN files to insatll\

4- Now, your UBS Disk drive is ready, start your led tv by powering on the main switch

5- Plug the USB into the mainboard and press the main button of your led tv keypad

6- After following the above steps, the firmware/software should be started updating

7- If the red indicator is blinking red to green & then green to red) then the installation is in process, please wait

8- When everything stops glowing take your USB Disk and start the LED TV, the software is installed

CV338H-A Software Download

  • CV338H-A-3840×2160-UHD-THIAMSOON-V338H-A-SAUDI-T650QVN04_5 | Download

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