LED TV Panel DC to DC Voltages In Urdu/Hindi


Panel DC to DC Voltages

Hi Friends! In this tutorial we will teach you all about panel dc to dc circuit and voltages testing points on the panel in easy way, I will tell you how to check panel voltages in easy way. I have mentioned a table below you can check all the voltages acording to this table for example AVDD, VGH, VGL, VDD, Hvdd and much more.

Panel DC to DC Voltages In Urdu/Hindi

Hello Dosto tu aaj hum log ye dekhen ge k hamara jo led tv ka penel huta hai, uss k andar ek dc to dc circuit huta hai ju k hamare puray panel me voltages ko supply karta hai our wo jo voltages hute hain wo jate hain cof ic ki our puray panel me wahi se he voltage jate hain un voltages k kuch testing points hute jo k aaj hum discus karen ge un voltage points me se kuch ma aap ko yaha bta deta baaqi aap table se dekh sakte hain for example: AVDD, VGH, VGL, VDD Ye voltages bahut ziyada important hute hain our in k testing points pe jo voltages test karne hain wo aap neeche ek table hai uss me dekh sakte hain basically in voltages k bahut saare name hute hain for example ab VGH voltage k VON, VGON, VDDG ye iss k alternative voltages hain isse tarah baaqi sab table me hain. bahut iss ki Urdu/Hindi Language me video upload ki jaye ki so, stay connected with us by subscribe our youtube channel and this blog you will notify when we will upload new content on this site so, thanks!

NO. Testing Point Min Voltages Max Voltages
1 VGH 25v 32v
2 VON 25v 32v
3 VGON 25v 32v
4 VDDG 25v 32v
5 VGL -5 -10
6 VOFF -5 -10
7 VGOFF -5 -10
8 VEEG -5 -10
9 VDD 3.3v 3.3v
10 VLOGIC 3.3v 3.3v
11 VDDD 3.3v 3.3v
12 DVDD 3.3v 3.3v
13 VDA 12v 14v
14 AVDD 12v 14v
15 VDDA 12v 14v
16 VSOURCE 12v 14v
17 HAVDD 8v 9v



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