LCD/LED TV Panel Volt Missing Problems


LED TV Panel Volt Missing Problems

Hi Friends! as you know today we will talk about LCD/LED panel voltages missing problems, for example, 12v, 3.3v, AVDD Voltages, VGL Voltages, VGH Voltages Missing Problems. In the last post I have already told about panel testing points, Panel testing voltages with details You can read that article Click Here To go. So, below I have mentioned a table you can check your panel and see there what is your penal’s problem and solve it.

So In This post will get a complete explanation of How Missing Volages creates the problem in LCD/LED Screen Panel. In the below table you can see every missing voltage and it’s a problem that it will create. So that you can give the required voltages on that point.

LCD LED TV Panel Voltage Missing Problems
LCD LED TV Panel Voltage Missing Problems
Panel Voltages Missing Problems
Missing VoltagesProblem
12vWhite Display
3.3vWhite Display
HVDD VoltagesWhite Display or Picture Problem
AVDD VoltagesWhite Display-Negetive Picture
VGL VoltagesWhite/Blue Display With Lines
VCOM VoltagesNegetive Picture-Brigtness Dim
DVDD VoltagesWhite Display-Blinking Picture
VGA VoltagesNo Picture
VGL VoltagesSlow Picture


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