TP.SIS231.PT85 Firmware Free Download


Hi, If you were searching for TP.SIS231.PT85 Firmware then this is the right site to get this firmware all resolutions for free. here are available many types of smart and non-0smart Lcd/led tv board firmware/software files to download for free. But in this post, you will get TP.SIS231.PT85 firmware to download for free. All the software that we provide is tested and TP.SIS231.PT85 Bin software/firmware is also tested, you don’t need to worry about it.

TP.SIS231.PT85 Firmware Download
TP.SIS231.PT85 Firmware Download

How to Download TP.SIS231.PT85 Firmware

If you have selected your required resolution firmware file then you should have a question that How to Download the File? It is very easy to download from here, you don’t need to follow any extra steps to download.

How to Update Firmware?

Do you want to update this firmware at yourself? Don’t worry it is very easy to do, you just need to follow some steps one by one. Please do this carefully, it may be damage to your motherboard. You have to install the correct resolution according to your motherboard and screen panel. So, Let’s start with step 1…

1- You need a USB Disk to take the USB Disk and format it to ready for the installation

2- Firmware is downloaded? well, copy the TP-SIS231.PT85 Bin file to the USB Disk

3- Now, Insert USB Disk to the TP SIS231 PT85 Board and power on your led tv

4- Press the power key on the mainboard and wait for some seconds

5- When red led starts blinking, the software is started updating/installing

6- When everything stops, Led is on standby, Start it again by the remote.

TP.SIS231.PT85 Service menu Code:

TP.SIS231.PT85 Schematic Diagram: Click Here to find the schematic

TP.SIS231.PT85 Firmware Download

TP.SIS231.PT85-AJ32T03-HK315LEDM-OHJOH-TD Systems-K32DLH1HDownload
TP.SIS231.PT85-KM315E6-CS-12-MT3151A05-3-XC-1-ST3151A05-5 Ver2.1_25Q64-SmarTech-32DTV1Download
TP.SIS231.PT85_LC320TU3A-Smart Tech-SMT32DTV1_25Q64BDownload
TP.SIS231.PT85_Vivax-LED TV-32LE60-25Q64Download

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