T.R85.031 v.09 Firmware Software All Resolutions Download


This post offers a comprehensive selection of software solutions for the T.R85.031 v.09 universal LED TV board, encompassing various resolutions that have all been thoroughly tested. Before proceeding with the installation of any software, it is advised to carefully review the instructions on how to install software specifically tailored for the T.R85.031 v.09 universal board.

The T.R85.031 v.09 Universal board supports resolutions of up to 1920*1080, making it compatible with Universal Brand motherboards commonly employed in 19″ and 20″ televisions. However, if you possess firmware with a 32″ resolution for this board, you can readily employ it for a 32″ display. Below, you will find a compilation of resolutions available for this board, allowing you to conveniently download and install the one that matches your panel specifications.


T.R85.031 v.09 Universal LED TV Board Software All Resolution

How To Update Firmware?

If you want to update software/Firmware in T.R85.031 v.09 Universal Board. You can follow the below instruction to install the software successfully without any problem.

1. Take a UDISK and Format at Fat32

2. Copy the Firmware Into the USB Disk

3. Plug the USB Disk into the USB Port of the LED TV

4. Switch On the Power and Wait till IR Indicator led stops Flashing

5. Done, Unplug the USB Disk, and Enjoy!

Download T.R85.031 v.09 Firmware Software

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  1. i have a pannal model no MT170EN01 V7 17.0″ a-Si TFT-LCD Panel for INNOLUX:Resolution 1280(RGB)×1024 (SXGA)board tr85.031 software not corect instal.pls help me.thk


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