T.R85.816 Software Free Download


Hi, Have you searched for T.R85.816 Software Free Download? well here is available this software/firmware for free. Here are available all resolutions for this board. These all resolution files are fully tested and USB updatable. It means you can update this firmware file with USB Disk Drive. So first you have to see the panel datasheet of your LCD/LED Panel and then find the resolution according to the panel then download it easily.

Friends, As you have seen in the title this post is about T.R85.816 Universal LED TV Board. In this post, you will get T.R85.816 Software free Download and also get T.R85.816 Datasheet. So are you ready to get this firmware file? before you download the file I want to say something. Guys this is free software it means I can’t say it is 100% Ok. So you have to use his firmware at your own risk. But don’t worry it will work fine if you use this correctly. It is very easy to download T.R85.816 form this site, it is a process of a one-click download button.

T.R85.816 Software Free Download
T.R85.816 Software Free Download

T.R85.816 Specifications

Main ChipRDA8501
Voltage to Panel5V, 12V
Input Voltage220v AC
T.R85.816 Service Menu CodeMenu 1147
USB UpgradeYes

T.R85.816 Datasheet

If you are looking for T.R85.816 Datasheet the I am providing datasheet also in this post. Click Here to find your Universal LED TV Board Datasheet for free download.

How to Download T.R85.816 Software

Are you finding a way to download T.R85.816 software form this site? don’t think more about this because it is very easy to do. You just need to select your required software firmware file form the table below and then click on the download button. That’s it, the software is started downloading after a single click on the download button.

T.R85.816 Software Update Giude

Do you want to install T.R85.816 Firmware at yourself? well, it is very easy. Guys, We are giving you some steps to install this firmware, follow them and install the software. First, keep in mind, if you make any type of problem during the installation then the soft4led team will not be responsible for this.

  • Take a Empty USB Disk 
  • Format it at Fat32
  • Extract software from .rar to .bin
  • Copy this software into USB
  • Attach USB to the motherboard
  • Plug-in Switch into 220v
  • Press the Power button on Remote
  • And wait for seconds
  • Red Indicator light will start blinking
  • After some time will stop blinking
  • Done, Remove USB, and start your TV.

Note: Please install a correct resolution in your motherboard according to your panel. Note your LCD LED Panel’s Resolution buy typing model of your panel on google, Then Download the correct resolution.

T.R85.816 Software Free Download

FirmwareDownload Link

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