Sony TV Service Menu Codes for LCD/LED/Plasma TVs


Hi guys, Many friends requested me for Sony TV Service Menu Codes to provide these all Sony TV Codes. So now this post is live for your requests, please take advantage of this post. Here are available all types of Sony LCD/LED/Plasma TVs Service/Secret Menu Codes.

We are showing your codes to access the hidden secret service mode for Sony LED TV. Service mode is available for engenders/Advanced LED TV Technicians and repairers. Using this menu you can change any type of advanced settings like Picture Up/Down Settings, LVDS Settings and many more.

Some peoples call factory mode to service mode. This is a setting from default factory, if anyone has a problem in led tv and he wants to change advance settings in LED TV then you have to open the factory/service mode. So that you can change any advance setting in Your Sony TV Service Menu.

Sony TV Service Menu Codes
Sony TV Service Menu Codes

Please keep in mind some important points:

Sony TV Service Menu Codes

Note: First Note down everything before disturbing any setting in Service Mene. Do not try to open this Factory Mode If you have not proper knowledge about this.

Here are mentioned some methods to open the Sony Service mode. So try these methods one by one.

Put TV into Standby then Press these buttons on the remote

Method 1: (Display) – (5) – (VOL+) – (Power)

Method 2: (Display) – (5) – (Power)

Method 3: (Display) – (5) – (Picture) – (Power)

Method 4: (Display) – (5) – (VOL+) – (Picture) – (Power)

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