Programming Universal Remote Codes for Dynex TV


Hello there, seeking the Universal Remote Codes for your Dynex TV? Well, you’ve arrived at the right destination! We’ve curated an extensive list of Remote Codes to seamlessly program your Dynex TV with your preferred Universal Remote Control. Whether you’re dealing with 3, 4, or 5-digit codes, we’ve got you covered.

Now, before you embark on this coding adventure, it’s essential to follow a few crucial instructions to ensure a smooth setup. But don’t worry, we’ll guide you through it all in a friendly and easy-to-follow manner.

So, if you’re ready to take control of your Dynex TV with a Universal Remote, read on for the codes and instructions you need. Let’s make your TV-watching experience more convenient and enjoyable!

4 Digits Universal Remote Codes for Dynex TV

  • 0490
  • 0463
  • 0783
  • 1250
  • 0464
  • 0177
  • 0785
  • 0282
  • 0039
  • 0280
  • 0038
  • 0154
  • 0236
  • 0463
  • 0780
  • 0178
  • 0179
  • 0019
  • 0623

5 Digits Universal Remote Codes for Dynex TV

  • 10463
  • 11463
  • 11780
  • 11785
  • 10180
  • 10178
  • 10171
  • 10623
  • 11963
  • 10096
  • 10463
  • 10154
  • 10236
  • 10463

Programming Universal Remote Codes for Dynex TV

Are you ready to simplify your TV-watching experience by programming Universal Remote Codes for your Dynex TV? Well, you’re in the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to seamlessly program your Dynex TV using Universal Remote Control codes.

Before we dive into the process, it’s essential to mention that we’ve already provided the necessary remote codes in the section above. So, if you haven’t checked them out yet, simply scroll up and locate the codes you need. Once you have those codes on hand, return here to follow the programming steps.

Let’s get started:

Step 1: Gather Your Equipment

To program your Dynex TV, you’ll need the following:

  • Universal Remote Control: Ensure your remote is compatible with Dynex TVs. If you’re not sure, consult the remote’s manual.
  • Dynex TV: Make sure it’s powered on and ready for programming.
  • Fresh Batteries: Ensure your remote has fresh batteries to avoid any interruptions during the process.

Step 2: Locate the Programming Button

Your Universal Remote Control should have a specific button or combination of buttons for programming. Common labels include “Set,” “Code Search,” or “Setup.” Refer to your remote’s manual for the exact button and its location.

Step 3: Enter Programming Mode

Follow these general steps to enter programming mode:

  1. Press and hold the “Setup” (or similar) button until the indicator light turns on. This light may be located at the top or side of the remote.
  2. Release the button.

Step 4: Enter the Remote Codes

Now that you’re in programming mode, it’s time to enter the remote codes for your Dynex TV. This is where the codes from the section above come in handy.

  1. Find the code for your Dynex TV in the list you’ve located above.
  2. Enter the code by pressing the corresponding digits on your remote. For example, if your code is “1234,” press “1,” “2,” “3,” and “4” on the remote.
  3. After entering the code, check if the indicator light blinks. If it does, it means the code was accepted.

Step 5: Test the Remote

To ensure that the programming was successful, test the remote’s functionality. Point it at your Dynex TV and press various buttons like “Power,” “Volume,” and “Channel” to verify that they work correctly.

Step 6: Save the Code

If the remote functions as expected, save the code by pressing the “Setup” (or similar) button again. The indicator light should turn off.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully programmed your Universal Remote Control with the Dynex TV codes, making it easier than ever to navigate and control your TV.

If you encounter any issues during the process, refer to your Universal Remote Control’s manual for troubleshooting tips or consult Dynex’s official website for additional support.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite shows and movies with the convenience of your newly programmed Universal Remote Control!


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