All Akai LCD/LED TV Firmware Software Free Download


Hi, On this page, we have listed all Akai LCD/LED TV Firmware Software collections. We have a lot of USB Firmware files available for various models of Akai LCD LED TVs. Some of these are Smart TVs and some are Non-smart. Every file is already tested before uploading here.

Below the download table provided you can search your Akai TV models there and if you found your model is listed in the table. Then you just need to click on the download button and follow the small east process to download that particular Akai LED LCD TV Firmware Software file.

All Akai LCD/LED TV Firmware Software Free Download
All Akai LCD/LED TV Firmware Software Free Download

Download Akai LCD/LED TV Firmware Software

01AKAI AKTV2501Download
02AKAI LEA-19A08GDownload
03AKAI LEA-19C11PDownload
04AKAI LEA-19L14GDownload
05AKAI LEA-19L70WDownload
06AKAI LEA-19V02SDownload
07AKAI LEA-19V02SWDownload
08AKAI LEA-19V07PDownload
09AKAI LEA-19V21MDownload
10AKAI LEA-22A08GDownload
11AKAI LEA-22C0Download
12AKAI LEA-22K39PDownload
13AKAI LEA-22S02Download
14AKAI LEA-22S02PDownload
15AKAI LEA-22V07PDownload
16AKAI LEA-22V21MDownload
17AKAI LEA-24A08GDownload
18AKAI LEA-24B52PDownload
19AKAI LEA-24C05PDownload
20AKAI LEA-24N20PDownload
21AKAI LEA-24V07PDownload
22AKAI LEA-24V60PDownload
23AKAI LEA-26V07PDownload
24AKAI LEA-28A08WDownload
25AKAI LEA-32A08GDownload
26AKAI LEA-32B27MDownload
27AKAI LEA-32B49PDownload
28AKAI LEA-32C25MDownload
29AKAI LEA-32D85MDownload
30AKAI LEA-32H50PDownload
31AKAI LEA-32M12WDownload
32AKAI LEA-32M19PDownload
33AKAI LEA-32P37PDownload
34AKAI LEA-32S02PDownload
35AKAI LEA-32V07PDownload
36AKAI LEA-32V24PDownload
37AKAI LEA-32V96MDownload
38AKAI LEA-39A08GDownload
39AKAI LEA-39C25MDownload
40AKAI LEA-39J29PDownload
41AKAI LEA-39V51PDownload
42AKAI LEA-40V35MDownload
43AKAI LEA-50V28PDownload
44AKAI LEA-55B57PDownload
45AKAI LEA-55V59PDownload
46AKAI LES-22V02SDownload
47AKAI LES-28A66MDownload
48AKAI LES-32V01MDownload
49AKAI LTA-15A15MDownload
50AKAI LTA-15N602MDownload
51AKAI LTA-15N680HCPDownload
52AKAI LTA-19E307DDownload
53AKAI LTA-19N508HCPDownload
54AKAI LTA-19S01PDownload
55AKAI LTA-2073Download
56AKAI LTA-20A301Download
57AKAI LTA-22N680HCPDownload
58AKAI LTA-22N686HCPDownload
59AKAI LTA-2695DDownload
60AKAI LTA-26N680HCPDownload
61AKAI LTA-32E18PDownload
62AKAI LTA-32L09PDownload
63AKAI LTA-32N551HCPDownload
64AKAI LTA-32N576HCPDownload
65AKAI LTA-32N680HCPDownload
66AKAI LTC-16R5X3MDownload
67AKAI TVL327Download
68AKAI UA32DM1100Download
69AKAI UA32DM1100T2Download


  1. Hi
    my tv model TVCB-55S is not in the list above. Is there anyway a new software different from the factory defaults apps can be get to install?
    Also the google playstore app can’t be sign into. Most of the apps after downloading does not work properly.


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