Asus Laptop BoardView Files Free Download – All Models


In this post, we are sharing the collection of Asus Laptop BoardView files. These files are used for repairing and troubleshooting purposes. You can use these files to check the continuity of different parts of the laptop motherboard.

Asus Laptop BoardView Files
Asus Laptop BoardView Files

Download Asus Laptop BoardView Files

These files are available for free and you can download them from the link given below.

NOFileDownload Link
01Asus EeeBox PC EB1012P r2.0G boardviewDownload
02Asus 1000H (60-OA0HMB1000-A01P) boardviewDownload
03ASUS 1000H PR REV 1.1G - BoardViewDownload
04Asus 1000HE_MB_1.1G_boardviewDownload
05Asus 1000HE_MB_1_0G boardviewDownload
06Asus 10055_X553MA_Rev_2.0_BoardViewRGDownload
07Asus 1225C R2.0.fz boardviewDownload
08Asus 60-NLBMB1000-A01P boardviewDownload
09Asus A6TA_1.0 boardviewDownload
10ASUS A8E A8S F8S BoardviewDownload
11Asus ALD boardviewDownload
12Asus ALL-IN-ONE PCS ET1801I_1.2 boardviewDownload
13Asus AR10ACL boardviewDownload
14Asus AR10CUG boardviewDownload
15Asus ARKUG boardviewDownload
16Asus ARMANI, ASUS AST, Asus BU403UA R2.1 boardview + RGDownload
17Asus B53_IO_BOARD_1.2 boardviewDownload
18Asus B53_MAIN_BOARD_2.0 boardviewDownload
19Asus Boardview X450CC 2.1,60NB01E0-MB3010Download
20Asus BU401LA_2.0 boardviewDownload
21Asus C200MA_2.0 boardviewDownload
22Asus CAAB boardviewDownload
23Asus CABM boardviewDownload
24Asus CABM R2.1 boardviewDownload
25Asus CASU boardviewDownload
26Asus D452V X450VP MAIN BOARD REV. 2.1 boardview fzDownload
27Asus E402 boardview .ascDownload
28Asus E402MA r20 boardview .ascDownload
29Asus E402SA r20.asc boardviewDownload
30Asus E403 2.1 boardviewDownload
31Asus E403 boardviewDownload
32Asus E403SA r2.0 boardviewDownload
33Asus E403SA r2.1 boardviewDownload
34Asus E502NA_2.0 boardview fzDownload
35Asus E502SA.asc boardviewDownload
36Asus EEE PC 1000HG (TSICT) boardviewDownload
37Asus eee pc 1201t boardviewDownload
38Asus eee pc S101 REV 1.1G boardviewDownload
39Asus EeeTop PC ET1620I r1.2.fz boardviewDownload
40Asus EeeTop PC ET2001B_1.01G boardviewDownload
41Asus EeeTop PC ET2012A_1.03G boardviewDownload
42Asus EeeTop PC ET2012E r1.02G.fz boardviewDownload
43Asus EeeTop PC ET2012E r1.03G.fz boardviewDownload
44Asus EeeTop PC ET2012E r2.00G.fz boardviewDownload
45Asus EeeTop PC ET2030A r1.2.fz boardviewDownload
46Asus EeeTop PC ET2231I r1.2.fz boardviewDownload
47Asus EeeTop PC ET2231I_1.2 boardviewDownload
48Asus EeeTop PC ET2400E_2.00G boardviewDownload
49Asus EeeTop PC ET2400X_1.03G boardviewDownload
50Asus EeeTop PC ET2702I 1.3 boardviewDownload
51Asus ESACL 2.1 boardviewDownload
52ASUS F2F Z52F Boardview R3.0 , 3.1Download
53Asus F2S BoardviewDownload
54Asus F3KA R2.1 boardviewDownload
55Asus F3KA R2.2 boardviewDownload
56Asus F3Ke boardviewDownload
57Asus F3KR R2.0 boardviewDownload
58Asus F3SA R2.2 boardviewDownload
59Asus F3SA_M_B_2.0.fz boardviewDownload
60Asus F3SA_M_B_2.2 (60-NPKEG1000-A01).fz boardviewDownload
61Asus F50SL R1.1.asc boardviewDownload
62Asus F50SL R2.0.asc boardviewDownload
63ASUS F6Ve F6V schematic 1.0 + Boardview 2.0Download
64Asus F7KR_1.0 2.0 BoardviewDownload
65Asus F7SR 1.1 2.0 BoardviewDownload
66Asus F80CR Boardview R1.1 , 2.0 FullDownload
67ASUS F82Q Boardview R2.0 , 2.1Download
68Asus F9DC Boardview 2.0 2.1Download
70Asus G1S_MB_1.0 boardviewDownload
71Asus G1S_MB_1.1.fz boardviewDownload
72Asus G1S_MB_2.0.fz boardviewDownload
73Asus G46VW_CONNECTOR_BD_2.0 boardviewDownload
74Asus G46VW_MB_2.0 boardviewDownload
75Asus G50V Boardview R2.0, 1.1, 1.00 FullDownload
76Asus G53JW r2.1 boardviewDownload
77Asus G53SW r2.0 boardview.fzDownload
78Asus G53SW R2.0 boardview.tsictDownload
79Asus G53SX 2.0 Boardview +Repair guideDownload
80Asus G60JX_2.0 boardviewDownload
81Asus G60JX_VGA_MXM_1.1 boardviewDownload
82Asus G60JX_VGA_MXM_2.0 boardviewDownload
83Asus G60VX-MXM-VGA_2.1 boardviewDownload
84Asus G60VX_2.0 boardviewDownload
85Asus G60VX_MB_2.0 boardviewDownload
86Asus G70S-MXM_VGA-CARD-NB8E-SE_2.1 boardviewDownload
87Asus G70S_MB r1.1 boardviewDownload
88Asus G71V Rev1.1 boardviewDownload
89Asus G71V_1.0 boardviewDownload
90Asus G71V_2.1 boardviewDownload
91Asus G73JW R1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 Full boardview + repair guideDownload
92Asus G750JM R2.0 boardviewDownload
93Asus G75VX boardview 69N0NQC10C01PDownload
94Asus G75VX r2.0 boardviewDownload
95Asus G75VX-MXM-192BIT-2.0 boardviewDownload
96Asus G75VX_MB r2.0 boardviewDownload
97Asus GL502VT boardviewDownload
98ASUS GL552JX boardviewDownload
99Asus GL552V.asc boardviewDownload
100Asus GL552VL R2.3 boardviewDownload
101Asus GL552VW r20 boardviewDownload
102Asus GL752VW R2.0 boardviewDownload
103Asus GTX750-FML-1GD5 Rev_ 1.00 boardview.fzDownload
104Asus H13AL_1.0 boardviewDownload
105Asus H13V_MB r1.0 boardviewDownload
106Asus H14MH MAIN BOARD _1.0 boardviewDownload
107Asus H14MH-T14MB_T14MH-R2.0 (tsict) boardviewDownload
108Asus H15HV PB EasyNote MT85 Yamit GP R2.0 H15HV_2.0 boardviewDownload
109Asus H17 PB EasyNote MT85 Yamit GP R2.0 boardviewDownload
110Asus H24Y boardviewDownload
111Asus H24Y ER boardviewDownload
112Asus H33 boardviewDownload
113Asus H34A R2.0 tsict boardviewDownload
114Asus H36R boardviewDownload
115Asus H54FE boardviewDownload
116Asus K40IJ K50IJ - BOARDVIEWDownload
117Asus K42JY R4.1 boardviewDownload
118Asus K42SD - K43SV BoardviewDownload
119Asus K43E Repair Guide(Bottom) + Boardview r3.0Download
120Asus K43LY boardview 60-NB2MB1000-A14Download
121Asus K43sd boardviewDownload
122Asus K43SV REV 4.1 boardviewDownload
123Asus K43SV_3.0 boardviewDownload
124Asus K43SV_4.1 boardviewDownload
125Asus K43SV_4.2 boardviewDownload
126Asus k45 -60-NY6MB1200-A01 boardviewDownload
127Asus K45DR - Rev E - 60-NY6MB1210-A01 boardviewDownload
128Asus K46CA r2.0_boardviewDownload
129Asus K46CM r20 boardviewDownload
130Asus K501UW_2.0 BoardviewDownload
131Asus K501UX (60NB0A60)Boardview + RGDownload
132Asus K50AB Repair Guide + Boardview K50AF R2.1, 2.3GDownload
133Asus K50ID R1.1 boardviewDownload
134Asus K50ID R2.0 boardviewDownload
135Asus K50ID R3.2 boardviewDownload
136Asus K50ID R2.0 boardviewDownload
137Asus K50IJ_2.1 boardviewDownload
138Asus K52F-MB_2.0 boardviewDownload
139Asus K52F-MB_2.2 boardviewDownload
140ASUS K52JC_MB_2.0.FZ boardviewDownload
141Asus K52JC_MB_2.1 boardviewDownload
142Asus K52JR Boardview + RG - R1.0, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.3a fullDownload
143Asus K52JV R2.2 boardviewDownload
144Asus K53E R2.0 boardviewDownload
145Asus K53SJ r2.1 boardviewDownload
146Asus K53SV r2.4 boardviewDownload
147ASUS K53U X53U X53B LA-7322P R1A BoardviewDownload
148Asus K55A R3.0 boardviewDownload
149Asus K55DE_2.0 boardviewDownload
150ASUS K55VJ VGA_BD AS (MGM).asc boardviewDownload
151ASUS K56CM (K56CB) (60NB0150-MB4000) REV 2.0 - BoardViewDownload
152Asus K70SC_1.00 boardviewDownload
153Asus K72JK R2.0 (tsict) boardviewDownload
154Asus K72JR R2.1 (tsict) boardviewDownload
155Asus K72JR_MB_2.0 FZ boardviewDownload
156ASUS K73SV BoardView (69N0L6M20B01P) REV 2.0Download
157Asus K84L R2.0 boardviewDownload
158Asus M1_PM_R2.1.asc boardviewDownload
159Asus M50SR M50S X55S Troubleshooting Guide + Boardview 2.0Download
160Asus M50VM_1.0 M50VM_2.0 BoardviewDownload
161Asus M51SE_2.0.fz boardviewDownload
162Asus M51VA r2.1 boardviewDownload
163Asus M5A Boardview 2.0, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4Download
164Asus M6R M6RF Boardview R1.1, 1.0, 2.0, 2.2, 2.3 FullDownload
165Asus M70SA R2.0 boardviewDownload
166Asus M70T_2.0 boardviewDownload
167Asus M70VA_1.1 boardviewDownload
168Asus M90GN_MXM_N10P-GS r2.0 boardviewDownload
169Asus MA70VA r1.0 .fz boardviewDownload
170Asus N1SV_1.0 boardviewDownload
171Asus N2SV MXM NB8ESE boardviewDownload
172Asus N2SV_1.0 boardviewDownload
173Asus N46JV_MB_2.0 boardviewDownload
174Asus N501VW R2.0.fz boardviewDownload
175Asus N50TP r2.0 (60-NTYMB1000-A02)boardviewDownload
176Asus N50TP R2.0 (TSICT) boardviewDownload
177Asus N50VM Boardview r1.1Download
178Asus N53JG_2.2 boardviewDownload
179Asus N53JG_2.3 boardviewDownload
180Asus N53JN_2.0 .fz boardviewDownload
181Asus N53JN_rev_2.0 (tsict) boardviewDownload
182ASUS N550JA REV 2.0 - BoardViewDownload
183Asus n550jv_r2.0_boardviewDownload
184Asus N56DP_2.0 boardviewDownload
185Asus N56DP_2.1 boardviewDownload
186Asus N56DP_2.2 boardviewDownload
187Asus N56JR_2.0 boardviewDownload
188Asus N56VV_MB_2.0 boardviewDownload
189Asus N61DA_2.0 boardviewDownload
190Asus N61DA_2.1 boardviewDownload
191Asus N61JQ R2.0.asc boardviewDownload
192Asus N61JQ R2.1.asc boardviewDownload
193Asus N71JA R2.0(TSICT) boardviewDownload
194Asus N71JA_2.0 boardviewDownload
195Asus N71JA_2.1 boardviewDownload
196Asus N73JF R2.0 boardviewDownload
197Asus N73JF_2.1 boardviewDownload
198Asus N73JF_JIG_ENE_BD_ boardview2.0Download
199Asus N73SD_1.2 boardviewDownload
200Asus N750JK R2.1 (69N0PTC10E00D) .tsict boardviewDownload
201Asus N750JK_MB_3.0 boardviewDownload
202ASUS N750JV (60NB0200-MB5030) REV 2.0 - BoardView + Repair guideDownload
203ASUS N750JV (60NB0200-MB5030) REV 2.0 - BoardViewDownload
204Asus N751JK_MB_2.0 boardviewDownload
205Asus N76VB_2.0 boardviewDownload
206Asus N76VB_R2.0 (69N0PDC10B00P) tsict boardviewDownload
207ASUS N76VM R2.1 boardviewerDownload
208Asus N76VM_1.1 boardviewDownload
209Asus N76VZ R2.1 boardviewerDownload
210Asus N76VZ r2.2 boardviewDownload
211Asus N76VZ r2.2 boardviewDownload
212Asus N80VM_2.4 boardviewDownload
213Asus N82JQ R2.0 boardviewDownload
214Asus NX90JN R2.0 boardviewDownload
215Asus NX90SN r2.0 BoardviewDownload
216Asus P452SJ R2.1 boardview +RGDownload
217Asus P453UA.asc boardviewDownload
218Asus P500CA Rev.2.0 BoardviewDownload
219Asus P53SJ Rev 2.3 BoardviewDownload
220Asus P552LJ.asc boardviewDownload
221Asus P552SJ.SA.asc boardviewDownload
222Asus P553UJ.asc boardviewDownload
223ASUS P8H77-M BoardviewDownload
224Asus Pegatron A15A (69N0XVM10D01P) rev 2.0 boardviewDownload
225Asus Pegatron A24HE (69N0YPM10A01P) rev 2.0 boardviewDownload
226Asus Pegatron A25A (69N0YHM12A01P) rev2.0 boardviewDownload
227ASUS PEGATRON C2 REV 1.0 - BoardViewDownload
228Asus PLCS F UMA R2.1.asc boardviewDownload
229Asus PLF 45W boardviewDownload
230Asus PLF 45W R2.1 boardviewDownload
231Asus PLF boardviewDownload
232Asus PLF-45W boardviewDownload
233Asus PLFG boardviewDownload
234Asus PLFG R2.1 boardviewDownload
235Asus PU451LD_2.0 boardviewDownload
236Asus PU550CA_2.0 boardviewDownload
237Asus PU551JH.asc boardviewDownload
238Asus Q400A r2.0 boardviewDownload
239Asus Q500A r2.0 boardviewDownload
240Asus Q500A_2.1 boardviewDownload
241Asus Q550LF r2.0 69N0Q2B10C00P boardviewDownload
242Asus Q551LN_2.1 boardviewDownload
243Asus S451_2.0 boardviewDownload
244Asus S551LB_1.1 boardviewDownload
245Asus S551LB_2.1 boardviewDownload
246Asus S551LB_2.2 boardviewDownload
247Asus T100TAF_WIFI_T3_DOCKING_HDD_1.0 boardviewDownload
248Asus T100TAF_WIFI_T3_MB_2.0 boardviewDownload
249Asus T100TAL_MB_1.1 boardviewDownload
250Asus T100TAL_MB_2.0 boardviewDownload
251Asus T100TAM Repair Guide + Boardview r1.0Download
252Asus T12AG R1.1 boardviewDownload
253Asus T12AG_H R2.0 boardviewDownload
254Asus T12AG_T12AH PR boardviewDownload
255ASUS T12C (X51C) (60-NQ8MB1000-A01P) REV 1.0 - BoardViewDownload
256Asus T12C Boardview 1.0, 1.1, 2.0Download
257Asus T12K Boardview r1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.1Download
258Asus T12U_MAIN_BOARD_1.0. BoardviewrarDownload
259Asus T12U_MAIN_BOARD_1.1 BoardviewDownload
260Asus T12U_MAIN_BOARD_2.0 BoardviewDownload
261Asus T14S 60-NEPMB1000-A01P BoardviewDownload
262Asus T200TA_2.0 boardviewDownload
263Asus T301LA_1.1 .fz boardviewDownload
264Asus TAICHI21_3.1.fz boardviewDownload
265Asus TP300LA_MB_2.0 boardviewDownload
266Asus TP550LD Repair Guide + Boardview r20Download
267Asus TR3A_1.0 boardviewDownload
268Asus TR3A_EVB_1.0 boardviewDownload
269Asus TX201LA TX201LAF Boardview 1.1 2.0Download
270Asus TX300CA_2.0 boardview.Download
271Asus TX300CA_DK_2.0 boardviewDownload
272Asus TX300CA_TB_2.0 boardviewDownload
273Asus U20A IO.fz boardviewDownload
274Asus U24E_1.0 U24E_2.0 BoardviewDownload
275Asus U32U_2.0 boardviewDownload
276Asus U32U_2.1 boardviewDownload
277Asus U36JC repair guide + Boardview 2.0Download
278Asus U36SD_MAIN_BOARDVIEW 2.0Download
279Asus U36SD_MAIN_BOARDVIEW_1.1Download
280Asus U36SD_MAIN_BOARDVIEW_2.1Download
281Asus U46E_2.0 boardviewDownload
282Asus U46SV_1.0 boardviewDownload
283Asus U46SV_2.0 boardviewDownload
284Asus U47A_2.0 boardviewDownload
285Asus U47A_IO_BOARD_2.1 boardviewDownload
286Asus U4SG_MB r2.0 boardviewDownload
287Asus U50VG_2.0 boardviewDownload
288Asus U53F r2.0 boardviewDownload
289Asus U5A Boardview 1.1 2.0Download
290Asus u80v-rev-22-69n0e7m11b01pnp01-boardviewDownload
291Asus UL20A R2.0 boardviewDownload
292Asus UL20A R2.2 boardviewDownload
293Asus UL20A_IO_HK_BD r2.1.fz boardviewDownload
294Asus UL20A_MB r2.1.fz boardviewDownload
295Asus UL31JC_1.01 boardviewDownload
296Asus UL50AG r2.0 BoardviewDownload
297Asus UL50VG_2.1 boardviewDownload
298Asus UL80AG_2.0 boardviewDownload
299Asus UL80JT R2.0 BoardviewDownload
300Asus UL80V r2.0, 3.0 Boardview + UL80V_Repair_GuideDownload
301Asus UL80VT_3.1 boardviewDownload
302Asus UX303LNB_2.0.fz boardviewDownload
303Asus UX303LN_2.0 boardview fzDownload
304Asus UX303UB_2.0 (60NB08U0-MB1410) boardview.fzDownload
305Asus UX305CA_2.0_60NB0AA0-MB3330 boardviewDownload
306Asus UX305CA_2.1_60NB0AA0-MB2140 boardviewDownload
307Asus UX31A2 rev2.0 boardviewDownload
308Asus UX31A2 rev4.1 boardviewDownload
309Asus UX31E 3.0 boardviewDownload
310Asus UX31E 3.2 boardviewDownload
311Asus UX32LA-LN_1.1 boardviewDownload
312Asus UX32LA-LN_2.0 boardviewDownload
313Asus UX50V R2.0 boardviewDownload
314Asus UX51VZ_2.0 boardviewDownload
315Asus V1VM_MB r1.0 boardviewDownload
316Asus V2301c. 60PT01G1-MB5A01 BoardviewDownload
317Asus V2JE boardviewDownload
318Asus V2JE_MB r1.1 boardviewDownload
319Asus V2JE_MB r2.0 boardviewDownload
320Asus VX2S boardviewDownload
321Asus VX2Se boardviewDownload
322Asus VX2S_1.1 boardviewDownload
323Asus VX2S_2.0 boardviewDownload
324Asus VX2S_2.1 boardviewDownload
325ASUS VX3 60-NGDMB1000-A01P - BoardView (TSICT)Download
326asus VX3_MB_TEST_1.0 boardviewDownload
327Asus VX3_SMALL_BOARD _1.1 boardviewDownload
328ASUS VX5 (69N0DWM10B01P) R2.0 boardviewDownload
329Asus VX7 60-NGDMB1000-A01P boardviewDownload
330Asus VX7_MB_2.1 boardviewDownload
331Asus W2W 1.1 2.0 Boardview + Troubleshooting GuideDownload
332Asus W3VP _1.0 boardviewDownload
333Asus W5FE Boardview 1.1, 2.0, 2.1Download
334Asus W5FM Boardview 1.1 , 2.0, 2.1Download
335Asus W7J R1.2 schematic + BoardviewDownload
336Asus W7SG_MB_1.0 W7SG_MB_1.0 boardviewDownload
337Asus X101CH_MB_2.2 boardviewDownload
338Asus X101CH_MB_2.3 boardviewDownload
339Asus X101CH_MB_3.2 boardviewDownload
340Asus X101H-MB-R10 boardviewDownload
341Asus X102BA_2.0 boardviewDownload
342Asus X200LA_2.0 boardviewDownload
343Asus X200LA_2.1 boardviewDownload
344Asus X205TA_MB_1.1 boardviewDownload
345Asus X302LA boardview.ascDownload
346Asus X302UA X302UJ boardviewDownload
347Asus X302UJ.asc boardviewDownload
348Asus X402CA_MB_2.0 boardviewDownload
349Asus X402CA_MB_2.1 boardviewDownload
350Asus X402MA.asc boardviewDownload
351Asus X450CC_2.0 boardviewDownload
352Asus X450LC_2.0 boardviewDownload
353Asus X450LC_2.1 boardviewDownload
354Asus X450LC_2.2 boardviewDownload
355Asus X450LD_1.1 boardviewDownload
356Asus X450LD_2.0 boardviewDownload
357Asus X450LD_2.1 boardviewDownload
358ASUS X450MD_MB r2.0 boardviewDownload
359ASUS X451CA_MB r2.0 boardviewDownload
360Asus X453MA_2.0 boardviewDownload
361Asus X456UQK BoardView fzDownload
362Asus X45U_1.2 boardviewDownload
363Asus X45VD_r30.fz boardviewDownload
364Asus X51RL R2.0 1.0 Boardview + schematicDownload
365Asus X542UQ_2.0 boardview.fzDownload
366Asus X550CC r2.0 boardviewDownload
367Asus X550CL r2.1 boardviewDownload
368Asus X550CL.asc boardviewDownload
369Asus X550CL_2.0 boardviewDownload
370Asus X550CL_2.1 boardviewDownload
371Asus X550DP R2.0.asc boardviewDownload
372Asus X550DP.asc boardviewDownload
373Asus X550EA.asc boardviewDownload
374Asus X550EP R2.0.asc boardviewDownload
375Asus X550JF X550JX boardview.ascDownload
376Asus X550LD_2.0 boardview fzDownload
377Asus X550VC r3.0 (60NB00S0-MB2030) boardviewDownload
378Asus X550VL.2.1.asc boardviewDownload
379Asus X550WE_1.3 boardviewDownload
380Asus X550ZA.asc boardviewDownload
381Asus X551CA_2.1 boardviewDownload
382Asus X551CA_2.2 boardviewDownload
383Asus X553MA Rev3.0 boardviewDownloadDownload
385Asus X5555SJ.asc boardviewDownload
386ASUS X555LA.asc boardviewDownload
387Asus X555LP.asc boardviewDownload
388Asus X555SJ bitmap boardviewDownload
389Asus X555UJ_2.0 boardviewDownload
390Asus X556UV_3.1 boardview fzDownload
391Asus X55U_1.2G .fz boardviewDownload
392Asus X55U_1.2G boardviewDownload
393Asus X55U_1.4 .fz boardviewDownload
394Asus X55U_1.6 boardviewDownload
395Asus X71SR R2.0 boardviewDownload
396Asus X750JA.asc boardviewDownload
397ASUS X750JN 2.0.FZ boardviewDownload
398Asus X750JN.Asc boardviewDownload
399ASUS X750LB R2.0.asc boardviewDownload
400Asus X750LB.asc boardviewDownload
401Asus X750LN 2.0.fz boardviewDownload
402Asus X750LN.asc boardviewDownload
403Asus X751LABLBLJ.asc boardviewDownload
404Asus X751MD_1.1 boardviewDownload
405Asus X751MD_2.0 boardviewDownload
406Asus X751SA boardview.ascDownload
407Asus X751YI.asc boardviewDownload
408ASUS X8AS-K40C POINT boardviewDownload
409ASUS Z37A Z37V R2.0 boardviewDownload
410Asus Z450LA.asc boardviewDownload
411Asus Z550MA.asc boardviewDownload
412Asus Z62H R2.1 Schematic + boardviewDownload
413Asus Z62HA_1.0G Z62HA_2.0G boardviewDownload
414ASUS Z84J Boardview 1.0G 1.1G 1.2G 2.0 2.0GDownload
415Asus-x550cc boardviewDownload
416AsusS451LN_2.0 boardviewDownload

What is the Asus Laptop BoardView File?

The BoardView file is a data file that contains information about the printed circuit board (PCB) of your Asus laptop. This data includes the layout of the components, the connections between them, and the manufacturing data. The BoardView file can be used to troubleshoot problems with your laptop’s PCB, such as shorts, open circuits, and incorrect component placement.

Asus Laptop BoardView files are essential for repairs and troubleshooting. By having the right BoardView file for your model, you can quickly and easily identify the problem and get your laptop up and running again. We hope that our collection of BoardView files has been helpful to you and that you were able to find the file you needed. If not, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you out.


  1. Hello,
    Hope you can help
    I have a Asus Vivobook S14 S406U which has a motherboard X406UAR. I’ve damaged a component next to the battery connector and am looking for a circuit diagram to understand what the component is. Can you help?


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