7 Best Thermal Paste For PS4


Hello, Gamers! Is your PS4 keep shutting down unexpectedly? Do you believe that the old thermal paste may be the issue? Do you want to change it to the new best one? If so, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place!

By enabling heat transfer from the CPU or GPU to the heat sink, the thermal paste, also referred to as thermal compound, is an essential component in making sure your PS4 operates at optimal temperatures. Your PS4 could overheat and possibly damage its internal components if you don’t use the right thermal paste.

If the thermal paste is old or of poor quality, it can cause your PS4 to overheat and potentially damage the internal components. Choosing the right thermal paste for your PS4 can be a daunting task.

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your PS4. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best thermal paste for PS4 and the pros and cons of each option.

Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, the thermal paste you choose can make a big difference in the performance of your PS4. So don’t let old thermal paste hold you back from enjoying your gaming experience to the fullest!

7 Best Thermal Paste For PS4

Best Thermal Paste For PS4
Best Thermal Paste For PS4


7 Best Thermal Paste For PS4
  • Outstanding Thermal Conductivity
  • Secure Usage
  • Do not Use Liquid Metal
  • Affordable

A high-performance thermal paste called the ARCTIC MX-2 is made for all kinds of processors, including the CPUs and GPUs in PS4s, XBOXes, and PCs. This 4g container of thermal paste is known for its strong thermal conductivity and safer use.

The ARCTIC MX-2’s thermal conductivity is one of its most notable characteristics. Carbon microparticles, which are used to make the paste and are known for their good thermal conductivity, enable effective heat transfer from the processor to the heat sink. This enables your system to function at steady temperatures even while under a lot of stress.

Another benefit of the ARCTIC MX-2 is its safe application. Since the thermal paste is neither capacitive nor conductive, it won’t harm any of your internal parts. Additionally, it has a low thermal resistance, which enables it to evacuate heat fast and maintain the cooling of your system.

The paste is very simple to use; it has a syringe applicator that makes it simple to use the exact amount that is required. It’s also easy to clean up with rubbing alcohol.

The ARCTIC MX-2 is a top-notch thermal paste for all kinds of processors, in general. It is a fantastic option for individuals wishing to enhance their thermal paste and maintain their system at ideal temperatures due to its strong thermal conductivity and safe application.

2. Nabob Deals Arctic Silver 5

7 Best Thermal Paste For PS4
  • Super Easy to Use
  • Instant Cooling
  • Proven Quality
  • Easy Application

A high-performance thermal paste ideal for use with heatsinks, the Nabob Deals Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Cooling Compound. Over 88% of the filler in Arctic Silver 5, a high-performance thermal composite, is thermally conductive. Aluminum oxide, sub-micron zinc oxide, micronized silver, and boron nitride particles are all included in the filler.

This particular combination of increased thermally conductive ceramic particles and high-density micronized silver offers a higher level of performance and stability for thermal management.

Additionally, the package includes a supplementary tool that makes the application simple and you don’t have to be concerned about getting your hands dirty. You may spread the paste over the heat sink uniformly with the help of a basic plastic spreader.

To cover 15 to 25 small CPU cores, 6 to 10 large CPU cores, or 2 to 5 heat plates, a 3.5g gram injection is sufficient. The 3.5g gram syringe will cover roughly 16 square inches at a layer thickness of 0.003 inches.

Arctic Silver 5 has been demonstrated to result in a 3 to 12-degree Celsius drop in CPU full load core temperatures when compared to normal thermal compounds or thermal pads when tested with a calibrated thermal diode inserted in the CPU core.

It’s the best thermal paste that is simple to use, includes a free tool, and offers outstanding thermal conductivity. Furthermore, the pricing is really affordable for the quantity of stuff you receive. It offers excellent value for the money.


7 Best Thermal Paste For PS4
  • Easy to Apply
  • It’s Cheap
  • Simple and Effective
  • Works Well With Medium Powered CPUs/GPUs

The ARCTIC MX-4 thermal paste is a high-performance option for all types of processors, including those found in PCs, PS4s, and XBOXs. It comes with a spatula for easy application and has a thermal conductivity that is very high. The paste also has long durability and is safe to use, as it is non-conductive.

It is made of carbon microparticles, which ensures that it has a very high thermal conductivity and that heat from the CPU/GPU is removed fast and effectively. It is metal-free and non-electrically conductive, avoiding the chance of a short circuit and providing additional safety for the CPU and VGA cards.
The MX-4 thermal compound lasts for at least 8 years without needing to be reapplied, unlike silicon and metal thermal compounds that decay over time. It is incredibly simple to use, especially for beginners, and has excellent consistency. In general, people requiring a thermal paste with outstanding performance and longevity may use the ARCTIC MX-4.

4. HY-883-4g CPU Thermal Paste

7 Best Thermal Paste For PS4
  • Multiple Applications
  • Easy To Spread
  • High Performance
  • Usable for a Long Time

If you want to increase the cooling of your computer or gaming system, the HY-883-4g CPU Thermal Paste Kit is a great choice. The paste is constructed of silicon grease and effectively distributes heat from the CPU and GPU thanks to its 6.5 W/MK thermal conductivity.

It comes with a package that includes a spatula, finger cots, and a cleaning wipe, making it convenient for you to use. It is also highly durable and does not need to be reapplied after initial application, as it can last for several years.

The kit includes 4g of paste, which is adequate for various applications. The paste is likewise simple to use, making it possible for even novices to employ it successfully. Since it is non-conductive, using it is also safe. The PC, GPU, LED, and PS4 are all compatible with the thermal paste.

The product comes in three packaging sizes (4g, 10g, 20g) to meet the needs of different users and has a wide range of applications including notebook and desktop computers, high-power LEDs, network communication equipment, household appliances, and electronic components.

5. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut 

7 Best Thermal Paste For PS4
  • Good Packaging
  • Great Thermal Conductivity
  • Instant Stabilize Temperature

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is a high-performance thermal paste that is designed to cool all processors, graphics cards, and heat sinks in computers and consoles. The paste comes in a small 1-gram package, which is enough for multiple uses.

The paste’s consistency is fantastic; it spreads evenly and is simple to use. This makes it simple to use the proper amount and guarantees complete coverage of the CPU or heat sink. The paste also has a very low thermal resistance, allowing it to keep a constant temperature even while under a lot of strain.

In general, Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is a high-performance thermal paste that provides exceptional thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance. It’s a wonderful option for anyone who wants to keep their computer or Xbox stable and cool.

It is ideal for demanding users looking for a high-performance paste as well as for normal use and overclocking. Furthermore, it’s non-toxic and secure to use. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is certainly a product to take into consideration if you’re seeking a thermal paste that will keep your components operating cool.

6. Grizzly Conductonaut

7 Best Thermal Paste For PS4
  • Complete Package
  • Cannot be Used on Aluminum Components
  • Ideal Application with a Plastic Needle

Grizzly Conductonaut is a high-performance liquid metal thermal paste that’s designed to keep CPUs and GPUs cool. This value pack includes 3 applicators, pads for a simple application, and 1 gram of thermal grease.

The strong thermal conductivity of the liquid metal composition used to create Conductonaut thermal paste is ideal for use in high-performance computer systems. It is safe to use on sensitive electronic components because it is also non-curing and electrically non-conductive.

The applicators and pads included make it simple to apply the thermal paste to your CPU or GPU, and the 1-gram size is plenty for most uses.

The Thermal Grizzly is one of the top thermal pastes on the market in terms of performance. In addition, to being able to endure high temperatures and pressure, it is able to substantially better cooling than conventional thermal pastes. This implies that even when under considerable strain, it will maintain the stable and cool operation of your CPU and GPU.

The value pack includes enough thermal grease and applicators for several applications, and the pads facilitate simple, mess-free applications. Although it costs a little more than conventional thermal pastes, the enhanced performance and stability make the cost worthwhile.

7. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Aluminum

7 Best Thermal Paste For PS4
  • Great Compatibility
  • Reusable
  • High Stability

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut is a high-performance liquid metal thermal paste that’s designed to keep CPUs and GPUs cool. This particular variant, which is available in a 5-gram size and is manufactured from a liquid metal compound with high thermal conductivity, is perfect for usage in high-performance computer systems.

It’s important to keep in mind that this thermal paste is unsuitable for use in larger cooling systems. It should not be used in bigger cooling systems, such as those found in servers or data centers, as it is intended for use on CPUs and GPUs.

The 5-gram size is larger than what you would typically need for a single application, making it a good value for those who plan to use it multiple times or for multiple systems.

Conductonaut should not be used on aluminum components since it can cause corrosion. This makes it a popular choice for expert PC builders searching for an aggressive heat dissipation solution. Additionally, because it conducts electricity, it works well with Macbooks and gaming consoles including the PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Series S, and Series X.

How To Apply Thermal Paste To A PS4?

Even though applying thermal paste to a PS4 is a fairly straightforward process, it does require some care and close attention to detail to be done properly. The following steps will show you how to apply thermal paste on a PS4:

  1. The first step is to unplug your PS4 and remove all wires and accessories. Put it on clean, level ground.
  2. By releasing the screws on the device’s back, you may take off the top cover.
  3. Find the heat sink that is situated above the CPU and GPU. This is the metal piece that rests immediately on top of the heat-producing chips.
  4. Unscrew the screws holding the heat sink in place, and then carefully remove it. You’ll need to put the screws and any other small bits back later, so keep track of them.
  5. Use a soft, lint-free cloth or an alcohol-based cleaning solution to clean the CPU and GPU’s surface. Make sure to clean the surface of any dust, grime, or old thermal paste.
  6. The middle of the CPU and GPU should be covered with a thin layer of thermal paste. Usually, a pea-sized amount is sufficient.
  7. Make sure the thermal paste is evenly distributed between the chips and the heat sink before placing the heat sink back on top of the CPU and GPU.
  8. Replace the screws that hold the heat sink in place and screw them back in tightly.

It’s important to remember that using too little or too much thermal paste may result in problems with overheating or inadequate cooling. Additionally, make sure that the thermal paste you use is appropriate for the particular device you are using because there are several types of thermal paste that might not function with your device.

FAQs About Thermal Paste For PS4

Which Thermal Paste is good for PS4?

Highly recommended thermal pastes for the PS4 include the Arctic MX 4, Noctua NT-H1, Thermal Grizzly Kryonau, and Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut. These pastes are known for their excellent heat dissipation properties and are easy to apply. Additionally, they are all compatible with the PS4 and have been tested by users and experts alike to be effective solutions.

What is the Best Temperature for PS4?

According to Sony, the best temperature range for a PS4 to operate in is between 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 27 degrees Celsius). It is recommended to avoid operating the PS4 in environments with temperatures outside the range of 41 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (5 to 35 degrees Celsius), as this can cause the console to overheat and potentially damage the internal components.

Can Overheating Damage PS4?

Yes, your PS4 can result in damage from overheating. The internal parts of the console, including the circuit boards, might become damaged or even fail if they are exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time. This may result in a number of problems, such as poor performance, game crashes, and even long-term console damage.

Does PS4 Need Thermal Paste?

The PS4’s GPU and CPU generate heat, and thermal paste is used to help the heat escape. It is put on the heat sink’s surface, which is right above the heat-generating chips. The paste helps in enhancing the thermal conductivity between the chips and the heat sink, assisting in maintaining the PS4’s operating temperature.

Can I Use Toothpaste as Thermal Paste on PS4?

On the other hand, toothpaste is not designed for this purpose and might not offer the same level of conductivity as a specific thermal paste. The surfaces of your CPU and heat sink can be harmed by toothpaste’s particles, which could result in damage and lessen the efficiency of the thermal paste.

Final Words

As we’ve discussed the different forms of thermal pastes available in the market, keeping in the mind the importance of thermal paste in maintaining the CPU and GPU cool. By now, you should have a clear understanding of what to look for when choosing a thermal paste and how to properly apply it to your PS4.

It’s crucial to use a thermal paste that is specifically designed for this purpose, as it will provide the necessary thermal conductivity and ensure the longevity of your CPU and GPU.

Whether you’re a gamer looking to improve your PS4’s performance, or a PC enthusiast looking to keep your system running cool and stable, the right thermal paste can make all the difference. So, always make an informed decision and choose the thermal paste that best suits your needs.


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