CV182L-A Firmware Free Download


Hi CV182L-A is the Russian LED TV board that used in various LCD/LED TV brands like Supra and more. So we have decided to provide here some firmware files for CV182L-A LED TV Mainboard. We can five you SUPRA STV-LC1637WL-V2L06-B156HW02 V.5 Bin files for free download. If you want this to download then you can easily do this by clicking some buttons. So go to the table below and find the download button then click that. These all files tested by us but if you do not use them in a proper way then it may lose your mainboard or screen panel. So it is your responsibility for any damage.lose, the soft4led team will not be responsible.

CV182L-A Firmware
CV182L-A Firmware

How to Download CV182L-A Firmware

Here is the video for you if you are new here or if you are a beginner. Many friends requested to explain the download method, so we made a video and published it on youtube for them who don’t know the download process of soft4led. Click on the below how to download button and get the video link and watch it. Remember you should watch the complete video if you want to learn properly.

Firmware Download

FirmwareDownload Link
CV182L-A-SUPRA STV-LC1637WL-V2L06-B156HW02 V.5Download

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