Download CV338H-D42 Firmware Software [All Resolutions]

Download CV338H-D42 Firmware Software [All Resolutions]

Hey there! If you’ve been searching high and low for the CV338H-D42 software, your quest ends here. We’ve got you covered with free downloads for all available resolutions of the CV338H-D42 firmware. Whether you’re updating or troubleshooting, you’re just a click away from getting exactly what you need. Dive in and grab your download now!

CV338H-D42 Software Free Download
CV338H-D42 Motherboard

Updating Firmware on Your CV338H-D42 Smart Board

Disclaimer: Incorrect firmware can damage your TV. Ensure you download the correct firmware for your specific panel model.

What You’ll Need:

  • A USB drive (formatted as FAT32)
  • The correct firmware file for your TV (usually a .bin file)


  1. Prepare Your USB Drive:
    • Connect your USB drive to your computer.
    • Format the USB drive as FAT32.
  2. Download and Extract Firmware:
    • Obtain the correct firmware file for your TV’s panel model.
    • Extract the downloaded firmware file to reveal the .bin file.
  3. Copy Firmware to USB:
    • Copy the extracted .bin file to the root of your formatted USB drive. (Do not create any folders.)
  4. Connect USB to TV:
    • Insert the USB drive into the designated USB port on your CV338H-D42 motherboard.
  5. Power On Your TV:
    • Connect your TV to a power outlet.
    • Turn on your TV using the remote control.
  6. Initiate Firmware Update:
    • The red indicator light on the motherboard will start blinking to indicate the update is in progress.
    • Do not interrupt the update process.
  7. Completion:
    • Once the red indicator light stops blinking, the firmware update is complete.
    • Safely remove the USB drive from the TV.

Your TV will now reboot with the updated firmware.


  • If you encounter issues or have doubts about the firmware, consult the TV manufacturer or a professional technician.
  • Back up any essential data before proceeding with the firmware update.

By following these steps, you should successfully update your CV338H-D42 Smart Board’s firmware.

Download CV338H-D42 Firmware Software Files

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