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CV6308H-D Firmware/Software Free Download

Hi There this post is about to give you CV6308H-D Firmware/Software for Free Download. Soft4led has given all types of LED TV Flash Bin files and firmware files for free for you. So In This Today’s post, you are able to download CV6308H-D Firmware for all resolutions for free. You will get some useful resolutions of this Smart LED TV Board like CV6308H_D-3840×2160-Akai, CV6308H D-3840×2160-DGTEC and more will be available here from time to time. These all files are in BIN format which means you can install/update them in your LED TV via USB. If you want to get more Flash files for the CV6308H-D LED TV board then visit here again.

CV6308H-D Firmware/Software Free Download
CV6308H-D Firmware/Software Free Download

CV6308H-D Firmware Update with USB

This software can be installed using the USB Disk Drive. So take an empty disk and format it. We are showing you some easy and important steps to explain to you updating firmware in CV6308H-D Main Board.

1- First, Download the Bin file according to the Panel Resolution

2- Now, Extract it to get a bIn file, After that Move the MstarUpgrade.bin file to the Disk

3- Insert the Disk Drive into the mainboard and plug in the power

4- Press the power button to start LED TV and then wait

5- After some minutes, the Software will be installed

CV6308H-D Firmware Download

File: BHSC-1508284_XK_6308H-D_TEMPO_ST5461D04_2_UHD_FRC_6M50_ Akai _20151029_1128
Panel: CSOT ST5461D04-2, 3840 × 2160, 60Hz, the V-8 One-by vBulletin® Lane

File: BHSC-1508284_XK_6308H-D_TEMPO_ST5461D04_2_UHD_FRC_6M50_ DGTEC _20151028_1622
Panel: CSOT ST5461D04-2, 3840 × 2160, 60Hz, the V-8 One-by vBulletin® Lane

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