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Dell Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram PDF Download (All Models)

Are you looking for a Dell laptop motherboard schematic diagram? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of all the available Dell laptop schematic diagrams for you to download.

In this article, we will provide you with a Dell laptop motherboard schematic diagram PDF for all models. This way, you can easily find the information you need and repair your Dell laptop if it encounters any problems.

You can find the schematic diagrams for all Dell models, including Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, Studio and XPS laptops. Simply select your model from the list and click on the link to download the PDF file.

We hope you find this resource useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

Dell Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram PDF
Dell Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram PDF

Download Dell Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram PDF

NOFileDownload Link
01Dell Inspiron N4010 QUANTA UM8 UMA REV 1ADownload
02Dell Inspiron N4010 QUANTA UM8B DISCRETE REV 1ADownload
03Dell Inspiron Z AMD Inspiron M301Z FLEX H320UA REV A00Download
04Dell 1000 1501 Kirin FX2 QuantaDownload
05Dell 14 hsw LA-B843P Schematic DiagramDownload
06Dell 1450 H830-L UMADownload
07Dell 1450 H901L Arrandale UMADownload
08Dell Alienware 13 R2 LA-C901P Rev1.0(A00) SchematicsDownload
09Dell Alienware 17 LA-B753P Rev 0.1 Schematic DiagramDownload
10Dell Alienware M14x LA-6801P Rev0.3 SchematicsDownload
11Dell Alienware M14x LA-6801P Rev1.0 SchematicsDownload
12Dell Alienware M14x R2 LA-8381P RevX01 SchematicsDownload
13Dell Alienware M15X Defiant Design RevA00 SchematicsDownload
14Dell Alienware M15x Quanta MX3 Maddog2.5 Rev3A SchematicsDownload
15Dell Alienware M17x DELL FLEX Quicksilver Rev A00 SchematicsDownload
16Dell Alienware M17x R3 LA-6601P Rev 1.0 SchematicsDownload
17Dell Alienware M17x R4 LA-8341P Rev A00 SchematicsDownload
18Dell Alienware M17x R5 LA-9331P Rev X00 SchematicsDownload
19Dell Alienware M18x LA-9332P Rev X02 SchematicsDownload
20Dell Alienware M18x R2 LA-8321P Rev 0.3 SchematicsDownload
21Dell Alienware M18x R2 LA-8321P Rev 1.0 SchematicsDownload
22Dell Anote 2.0 INTEL 06234-SCDownload
23Dell Inspiron 1000 Quanta VM5 Rev 3ADownload
24Dell Inspiron 1100 Compal LA-1452 Rev 1.0Download
25Dell Inspiron 1100 Compal LA-1452 Rev 0.2Download
26Dell Inspiron 1100 Compal LA-1452 Rev 1cDownload
27Dell Inspiron 1150 Compal LA-1684 Rev 1.0Download
28Dell Inspiron 1318 XPS M1330 06253-SB UMA Rev -1Download
29Dell Inspiron 1370 Compal LA-5541P Rev 1.0Download
30Dell Inspiron 13z 5323Download
31Dell Inspiron 14 3421 WISTRON DNE40-CR 12204-1 (A00)Download
32Dell Inspiron 14 N4050 DV14_HR_MB UMA 10315-SCDownload
33Dell Inspiron 1420 ELSA LANAI DISCRETEDownload
34Dell Inspiron 1420 ELSA LANAI UMADownload
35Dell Inspiron 1427 Compal LA-4841P Rev 1.0Download
36Dell Inspiron 1440 Alba Discrete ATI 09207 91.4BK01.001 Rev SADownload
37Dell Inspiron 1440 Wistron Alba UMA 08243 91.4BK01.001 Rev 1Download
38Dell Inspiron 1464 1564 1764 Quanta UM3 UM6 DiscreteDownload
39Dell Inspiron 1464 1564 1764 Quanta UM3B UM6B UMADownload
40Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 Wistron DMB40 (BMW-Z4-DIS) 11289-1Download
41DELL Inspiron 15 3000 fx3mc 13302-1 Schematic DiagramDownload
42Dell Inspiron 15 3521 Compal LA-9101P Rev 0.4Download
43Dell Inspiron 15 3521 Compal LA-9104P Rev 1.0Download
44Dell Inspiron 15 3531 Compal LA-B481P ZBW00 Rev 2.0Download
45Dell Inspiron 15 3537 Compal LA-9981P Rev 0.2Download
46Dell Inspiron 15 3537 Compal LA-9982P Rev 3.0Download
47Dell Inspiron 15 3542 wistron cedar 13269 1 fx3mcDownload
48Dell Inspiron 15 3558 Iris HSW_BDW 14216-1 RevA00Download
49Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series ZAVC0 LA-B012P Rev 1.0Download
50Dell Inspiron 15 5545 Compal LA-B651P Rev 0.2Download
51Dell Inspiron 15 5548 Compal LA-B015P Rev 1.0Download
52Dell Inspiron 15 5548 Compal LA-B016P Rev 1.0Download
53Dell Inspiron 15 5567 BAL20 LA-D801P Rev 1.0 (A00)Download
54Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series 7547 7548 Quanta AM6 DA0AM6MB8F1 Rev FDownload
55Dell Inspiron 15 series 4 Compal LA-D071P Rev 1.0 Schematic DiagramDownload
56Dell Inspiron 15-3542 12314-1 4PD00I010001 Schematic DiagramDownload
57Dell Inspiron 15-5548 ZAVC1 LA-B015P-R10 Schematic DiagramDownload
58Dell Inspiron 15-5548 ZAVC1 LA-B016P R10 Schematic DiagramDownload
59Dell Inspiron 1501 Quanta FX2 DA0FX2MBAD7 Rev DDownload
60DELL Inspiron 1501 Quanta KIRIN FX2 with NS Rev 1ADownload
61Dell Inspiron 1520 Quanta M08 DiscreteDownload
62Dell Inspiron 1525 Wistron 07211Download
63Dell Inspiron 1530 dh3 07212-SA 48.4W101.0SA DiscreteDownload
64Dell Inspiron 1535 1537 Quanta FM7 VER D3BDownload
65Dell Inspiron 1545 08212-1 48.4AQ01.011Download
66Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 LA-9101P Rev 0.4Download
67Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 LA-9104P Rev 1.0Download
68Dell Inspiron 15R 5525 Compal LA-8251P Rev 1.0(A00)Download
69Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 Compal LA-9981P Rev 0.2Download
70Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 Compal LA-9982P Rev 3.0Download
71Dell Inspiron 1720 Quanta FM5 Discrete Rev X02Download
72Dell Inspiron 1720 Quanta FM5 UMA Rev 2BDownload
73Dell Inspiron 1745 Compal LA-5151P Rev 1.0Download
74Dell Inspiron 17R 5735 Compal LA-A691P Rev 1.0Download
75Dell Inspiron 17R M731R Compal LA-A691P Rev 1.0Download
76Dell Inspiron 17R N7110 Quanta V03A DIS_UMADownload
77Dell Inspiron 17R N7110 Quanta R03_V03 UMA DAORO3MB6E0 Rev EDownload
78Dell Inspiron 2200 QUANTA VM7 TONGA & TYLER Rev 1ADownload
79Dell Inspiron 2410Download
80Dell Inspiron 2420 3420 Wistron DV14 MLK DIS 11282-SCDownload
81Dell Inspiron 2500 Compal LA-961 Rev 2.0Download
82Dell Inspiron 2600 Compal LA-1181 Rev 2.0Download
83Dell Inspiron 2650 Compal LA-1271 Rev 0.1Download
84Dell Inspiron 3520 10316-1 DV15 HR 48.4IP16.011Download
85Dell Inspiron 3542 DEll DMB40 INTEL MB , 11289-1 Conversion Discrete To UMADownload
86Dell Inspiron 4110-4120 Dell DAV02AMB8F1 Conversion Discrete To UMADownload
87Dell Inspiron 500M 510M Quanta DM1Download
88Dell Inspiron 5100 Compal LA-1452 Rev 1CDownload
89Dell Inspiron 5150 Compal LA-1682 Rev 0.2Download
90Dell Inspiron 5160 Compal LA-1682 Rev 0.2Download
91Dell Inspiron 5720 - 7720 Quanta R09, R09A Rev 3ADownload
92Dell Inspiron 6000 Comlap LA-2151 Rev 1.0Download
93Dell Inspiron 600M Quanta JM2Download
94Dell Inspiron 630M Wistron 04242 91.4C401.001 SchematicsDownload
95Dell Inspiron 6400 FM1 Rev 1ADownload
96Dell Inspiron 640M wistron Bermuda 05224 91.4E201.001 Rev a00Download
97Dell Inspiron 700M 710MDownload
98Dell Inspiron 7437-7537-7737 12311-1 DOH50_HW_ULT_MB Rev A00Download
99Dell Inspiron 7437-7537-7737 DOH50 MB 12311-1 48.47L01.021 Schematic DiagramDownload
100Dell Inspiron 7460 LA-D821P Rev 1.0 Schematic Diagram (1)Download
101Dell Inspiron 7460 LA-D821P Rev 1.0 Schematic DiagramDownload
102Dell Inspiron 8200 Compal LA-1221 Rev 4ADownload
103Dell Inspiron 8500 Compal LA-1351 Rev X00Download
104Dell Inspiron 8500 Compal LA-1351 Rev X04Download
105Dell Inspiron 8600 Compal LA-1901 Rev A00Download
106Dell Inspiron 8600 Compal LA-1901 Rev A02Download
107Dell Inspiron 9100 Compal LA-1711 Rev A00-BDownload
108Dell Inspiron 9100 Compal LA-1711 Rev X00-GDownload
109Dell Inspiron 9100 Compal LA-1711 Rev X02-DDownload
110Dell Inspiron 9100 Compal LA-1711 Rev X03-HDownload
111Dell Inspiron 9200 Compal LA-2501 Rev A00Download
112Dell Inspiron 9300 Compal LA-2171 Rev X01Download
113Dell Inspiron 9400 Compal LA-2861 Rev 1.0Download
114Dell Inspiron 9400 Compal LA-2881P Rev 2.0 (1)Download
115Dell Inspiron 9400 Compal LA-2881P Rev 2.0Download
116Dell Inspiron B120 B130 1300 WISTRON KEY WEST DK1 REV SDSecDownload
117Dell Inspiron B120 B130 1300 WISTRON KEY WEST DK1Download
118Dell Inspiron M102z Compal LA-7161P Rev 1.0Download
119Dell Inspiron M4010 ANSENAL DJ1 AMD UMA 09940-scDownload
120Dell Inspiron M421R Quanta R0AA Rev BDownload
121Dell Inspiron M5030 AMD 10211-1 48.4EM18.110Download
122Dell Inspiron M5030 DJ 09296-SA 48.4EM07.0SA UMA Rev X00Download
123Dell Inspiron M5030 Wistron DJ2 Montevina UMA 10240-SA 48.4EM25.0SA SchematicsDownload
124Dell Inspiron M5030_M5020_N5020 Wistron Chelsea DJ2 AMD UMA Rev A00Download
125Dell Inspiron M531R-5535 Compal LA-9103P Rev 0.2Download
126Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Compal LA-5091P Rev 1.0Download
127Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Compal LA-5162P Rev 0.2Download
128Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 Compal LA-5732P Rev 0.2Download
129Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 Compal LA-6501P Rev 0.2Download
130Dell Inspiron Mini 11 Compal LA-5461P Rev 1.0Download
131Dell Inspiron Mini 1210 Compal LA-4501P Rev 1.0Download
132Dell Inspiron N3010 UM7 UMADownload
133Dell Inspiron N3010 UM7B DISDownload
134Dell Inspiron N4010 Wistron Arsenal DJ1 AMD DiscreteDownload
135Dell Inspiron N4020 N4030 Wistron DJ1 Montevina UMA 09275-SADownload
136Dell Inspiron N5520 - N7520 Compal LA-8241P Rev 1.0Download
137Dell Insprion 17R N7010 Quanta UM9 UMADownload
138Dell Insprion 17R N7010 Quanta UM9B-C DiscreteDownload
139Dell Latitude 100L Compal LA-1684 Rev 1.0Download
140Dell Latitude 120L WISTRON KEY WEST KINNEY Rev 2Download
141Dell Latitude 15 E5550 ZAM80 ZAM81 Compal LA-A913P Rev 0.1 Schematic DiagramDownload
142Dell Latitude 2100 Quanta ZM1Download
143Dell Latitude 2110 ZM2 da0zm2mb6d0Download
144Dell Latitude 3540 Compal LA-A491P Rev 0.3Download
145Dell Latitude 3550 ZAL50 ZAL60 LA-B072P LA-B071P Rev 0.1 Schematic DiagramDownload
146Dell Latitude 5480 CDP70 LA-E141P r0.2Download
147Dell Latitude 5580 Compal CDP80 LA-E151P Rev 0.2 Schematic DiagramDownload
148Dell Latitude 7280 Compal CAZ10 LA-E121P r0.1Download
149Dell Latitude C600Download
150Dell Latitude D400 Wistron 91.42Y01.001 Schematic DiagramDownload
151DELL Latitude D410Download
152DELL Latitude D420 COMPAL LA-3071P Rev 1.0Download
153Dell Latitude D500M Quanta DM1 SchematicDownload
154Dell Latitude D510 QUANTA Tahiti (DM3L)Download
155DELL Latitude D520 QUANTA DM5Download
156Dell Latitude D600 Quanta JM2Download
157Dell Latitude D610Download
158Dell Latitude D620 Compal LA-2791 Rev 1.0 UMADownload
159Dell Latitude D620 Compal LA-2792 Rev 1.0Download
160Dell Latitude D630 Compal LA-3301P Rev 1.0 UMADownload
161Dell Latitude D630 Compal LA-3302P Rev 0.4 DISCRETEDownload
162Dell Latitude D800 Compal LA-1901 Rev 0.4Download
163Dell Latitude D800 Compal LA-1901 Rev 0.5Download
164Dell Latitude D800 Compal LA-1901 Rev 1.0Download
165Dell Latitude D800 Compal LA-1901 Rev 3.0Download
166Dell Latitude D810 Compal LA-2112 Rev 0.4Download
167dell latitude d820 Quanta JM6 Rev 2ADownload
168Dell Latitude E3340 DLR30 13229-1 A00 Schematic DiagramDownload
169Dell Latitude E4200 Compal LA-4291P Rev 0.1Download
170Dell Latitude E4300 JAL10 Compal LA-4151P SchematicsDownload
171Dell Latitude E4310 Compal LA-5691PDownload
172Dell Latitude E5400 FOOSE 15 UMADownload
173Dell Latitude E5410 E5510 DF3 14D FONSECA14 0928-1 Rev 1Download
174Dell Latitude E5410 E5510 DF3 14D FONSECA14 09281-SB Rev X01Download
175Dell Latitude E5410 FONSECA14 UMA 09276-SC Rev X02Download
176Dell Latitude E5420 Inventec KRUG 14 Discrete WS BUILD Rev X01Download
177Dell Latitude E5420 INVENTEC KRUG 14,15 UMA WS BUILD 6050A2296601 Rev X01Download
178Dell Latitude E5430 Korbel 14 UMA Compal LA-7901P Rev 1.0Download
179Dell Latitude E5440 Compal LA-9832pDownload
180Dell Latitude E5450 Compal LA-A971P LA-A961P rev 0.3 Schematic DiagramDownload
181Dell Latitude E5450 ZAM70 LA-A901P rev 03 Schematic DiagramDownload
182Dell Latitude E5500 Wistron Foose Intel UMADownload
183Dell Latitude E5510 FONSECA15 UMA 09226-SB Rev X01Download
184Dell Latitude E5530 Compal LA-7902P Rev 1.0Download
185Dell Latitude E6230 Compal LA-7731P Rev 0.3Download
186Dell Latitude E6330 Compal LA-7741P Rev 1.0Download
187Dell Latitude E6400 Compal LA-3801P JBL00 Rev 1.0Download
188Dell Latitude E6400 LA-3803P Rev 1.0 DiscreteDownload
189Dell Latitude E6410 Compal LA-5471P UMADownload
190Dell Latitude E6410 Compal LA-5472P DiscreteDownload
191Dell Latitude E6420 Compal LA-6592P Rev 1.0Download
192Dell Latitude E6430 Compal LA-7781PDownload
193Dell Latitude E6430 Compal LA-7782PDownload
194DELL Latitude E6440 salado 14 hsw dsc Compal VAL91 LA-9932P R 1.0Download
195Dell Latitude E6440 VAL90 LA-9931PDownload
196Dell Latitude E6500 LA-4043Download
197Dell Latitude E6510 Compal LA-5571P UMADownload
198Dell Latitude E6510 Compal LA-5573P DiscreteDownload
199Dell Latitude E6520 Compal LA-6561P Rev 1.0 (A00) SchematicsDownload
200Dell Latitude E6540 VALA0 la-9411pDownload
201Dell Latitude E7240 Compal LA-9431PDownload
202Dell Latitude E7250 Compal LA-A971P Rev 0.3Download
203Dell Latitude E7250 Compal LA-A972P ASO56Download
204Dell Latitude E7440 Compal LA-9591P Rev 0.4Download
205Dell Latitude XT Tablet 06240-1 48.4S701.001Download
206Dell M4040 DV14 AMD Brazos 4IU01 10265-1Download
207Dell M5010 DG15 AMD 09913-1 Berry Discrete_UMADownload
208Dell Mini 10 Compal LS-4764P Rev 1.0Download
209Dell Mini 1011 Compal LA-5051 Rev 0.3Download
210DELL Mini 9 Compal LA-4421PDownload
211Dell N4030 DJ1 UMA 10212 48.4EK19.0SBDownload
212Dell N5010 Berry DG15 Discrete UMA Rev X01 INTELDownload
213Dell N5040 dv15 cp 10263-1 48.4IP01.011 Rev A00Download
214Dell N5050 DV15 UMA Caruso15 HR H00RX Rev A00 MB 10316-1Download
215DELL N5110 10260-1.48.4IE07.011DQ15 Schematic Diagram (1)Download
216DELL N5110 10260-1.48.4IE07.011DQ15 Schematic DiagramDownload
217Dell N5110 M5110 Wistron Queen 15 Discrete UMA Rev A00Download
218Dell P10s Adamo Montevina SFF Rev A00Download
219Dell Precision 3520 Compal CDP81 LA-E153P Schematic DiagramDownload
220Dell Precision M4700 LA-7931P Rev 10(A00)Download
221Dell Precision M6400 XM1 DAXM1MB1AE0 Rev A1ADownload
222Dell Precision M6400 XM1 DAXM1MB1AE0 Rev E(A00)Download
223Dell Precision M6500 XM2 DA0XM2MBAG REV DDownload
224Dell Precision M90 Compal LA-2881P Rev 2.0Download
225Dell SALADO 14 HSW DSC MB LA-9934P rev1.0Download
226Dell Studio 1435 08217-1 Wistron Diaz UMA Rev A00Download
227Dell Studio 1450 1458 H902 DiscreteDownload
228Dell Studio 14Z 1440 Compal LA-4631P Rev 1.0Download
229Dell Studio 1535 1536 Quanta FX6 Rev 3ADownload
230Dell Studio 1555 Quanta FM8 DAOFM8MB8E0 Discrete Rev 3ADownload
231Dell Studio 1555 Quanta FM8B UMA Rev 3ADownload
233Dell Studio 1557 1558 Quanta FM9B UMA Rev 3ADownload
235Dell Studio 1735 Quanta GM3(B) Rev 2ADownload
236Dell Studio 1735 Quanta GM3(B) Rev 3ADownload
237Dell Studio 1737 Quanta GM5(B) REV B2ADownload
238Dell Studio 1745 Compal LA-5151P KAT00 DiscreteDownload
239Dell Studio 1749 Compal LA-5155P Rev 0.1Download
240Dell Studio XPS 1340 Quanta IM3 Rev 1BDownload
241Dell Studio XPS 1340 Quanta IM3 Rev 3ADownload
242Dell Studio XPS 1640 Quanta RM3 Rev 3ADownload
243Dell Studio XPS 1644 Quanta RM5 Rev D3ADownload
244Dell Vostro 1000 Inspiron 1501 Quanta FX2 REV DDownload
245Dell Vostro 1000 Kirin (FX2 with NS) VER 1ADownload
246Dell Vostro 1000 Kirin (FX2 with NS) VER 3ADownload
247Dell Vostro 1014 Quanta VM8M Intel UMA Rev E3BDownload
248Dell Vostro 1015 Quanta VM9M Rev F3BDownload
249Dell Vostro 1088 VM9 VM8 VER 1A UMADownload
250Dell Vostro 1200 Compal LA-3821P Rev 0.3Download
251Dell Vostro 1220 Quanta AM3 Vev C3ADownload
252Dell Vostro 1310 Compal LA-4231P Rev 0.2Download
253Dell Vostro 1320 Compal LA-4232P Rev 1.0Download
254Dell Vostro 1400 Quanta FM5 Discrete Rev X02Download
255Dell Vostro 1400 Quanta FM5 UMA Rev 2BDownload
256Dell Vostro 1500 Compal LA-1452 Rev 0.2Download
257Dell Vostro 1500 Compal LA-1452 Rev 1.0Download
258Dell Vostro 1500 Compal LA-1452 Rev 1CDownload
259Dell Vostro 1510 COMPAL LA-4121P JAL30 Rev 0.4Download
260Dell Vostro 1510-1520 Compal LA-4592p Rev 1.0(A00)Download
261Dell Vostro 1520 Compal LA-4595P Rev 1.0Download
262Dell Vostro 1520 Compal LA-4596P KML50 REV 1.0Download
263Dell Vostro 1720 KML60 LA-4671P Rev 02XDownload
264Dell Vostro 1720 KML60 LA-4671P Rev 1.0Download
265Dell Vostro 3300 Wistron 09288 Winery13 Calpella DIS Rev A00Download
266Dell Vostro 3446 Wistron Janus HSW 40_50_70 13302-1 Rev A00Download
267Dell Vostro 3450 Quanta V02A_R01A DIS Rev 1ADownload
268Dell Vostro 3460 Inspiron N5420 N7420 (Quanta R08 V08)Download
269Dell Vostro 3500 Wistron DW50 Winery15 09289 Rev SADownload
270Dell Vostro 3560 Compal LA-8241P Rev 1.0Download
271Dell Vostro 3700 Wistron Winery Calpella 09297 Rev SADownload
272Dell Vostro 5368 5468 Inspiron 7569 7778 LA-D822P UMA Rev 1.0Download
273Dell Vostro 5460 JW8 DAOJW8MB6E0Download
274Dell Vostro 5460 Quanta JW8B_JW8C Rev ADownload
275Dell Vostro 5470 DAJW8CMB8E1 REV E Schematic DiagramDownload
276Dell Vostro A840 A860 A1088 QUANTA VM9 VM8 UMA REV 1ADownload
277Dell Vostro V13 V13TL 6050A2296601-MB-A02Download
278Dell Vostro V3700 Wistron Winery DW70 09290 Rev SADownload
279Dell XPS 12 Compal LA-8821P Rev 1.0Download
280Dell XPS 12 Compal LA-9262P Rev 1.0Download
281DELL XPS 13 9350 AAZ80 LA-C881P DINO2 MB Rev 1.0(A00)Download
282DELL XPS 13 L321X Quanta D13 Spyder 13.3 DA0D13MBCD1 UMADownload
283Dell XPS 14 Compal QLM00 LA-7841P Rev 1.0(X04)Download
284Dell XPS 14z Compal LA-7451P Rev 1.0Download
285Dell XPS 15 9530 LA-9941p Rev 0.1Download
286Dell XPS 15 9550 AAM00 LA-C361P 2014-05-22Download
287Dell XPS 15 9550 LA-C361P Rev 0.0 (M00)Download
288Dell XPS 15 QBl00 LA-7851P Rev 0.1 (X00)Download
289Dell XPS 15 Quanta GM6C Rev 1ADownload
290Dell XPS 15Z SS8 DASS8BMBAE1 DiscreteDownload
291Dell XPS 17 Quanta GM7 Rev DDownload
292Dell XPS 17 Quanta GM7C Rev CDownload
293Dell XPS L501 L502 L502X GM6C Discrete-UMADownload
294DELL XPS L502X-DAGM6CMB8D0 Quanta GM6C MLK UMA Schematic DiagramDownload
295Dell XPS M1220 12.1 Quanta AM3 Ver C3ADownload
296Dell XPS M1330 06247-1 Thurman Discrete VGA nVidia G86Download
297Dell XPS M140 Wistron 04242 DB1Download
298Dell XPS M1530 Wistron Hawke 07212-SA Intel DiscreteDownload
299Dell XPS M1530 Wistron Hawke 07212-1 Intel DiscreteDownload
300Dell XPS M170 Compal LA-2171 Rev 0.2Download
301Dell XPS M1710 Compal LA-2881P Rev 2.0Download
302Dell XPS M1730 Wistron DS1 Siberia 06248-SC Rev SCDownload
303Dell XPS M1730 Wistron Siberia 06226-SA Rev SADownload
304Dell XPS M1730 Wistron Siberia 06248-1 Rev-1Download
305Dell XPS M2010 LA-2732P Greenland Napa REV X03Download

What is Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram

A laptop motherboard schematic diagram is a drawing that shows the layout of the motherboard and the components on it. It can be used to troubleshoot problems with the laptop or to find out where a particular component is located.

The motherboard is the main circuit board in a laptop. It contains the CPU, memory, and other important components. The schematic diagram shows how these components are interconnected.

How to Read Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram?

Laptop motherboards are complex and intricate pieces of technology, and understanding how to read a laptop motherboard schematic diagram can be a daunting task for even the most experienced tech enthusiasts. However, with a little patience and attention to detail, it is possible to make sense of these diagrams and use them to your advantage.

The first step in learning how to read a laptop motherboard schematic diagram is to familiarize yourself with the various symbols that are used. These symbols represent the various components that make up the motherboard, and they can be found in the legend at the bottom of the diagram. Once you know what each symbol represents, you can begin to trace the connections between them.

Pay close attention to the colors of the lines connecting the different components, as they can provide valuable clues as to what each line represents. In general, red lines indicate power connections, while blue lines denote data signals. Green lines are generally used for ground connections.

With a little practice, you should be able to quickly and easily interpret any laptop motherboard schematic diagram you come across. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to diagnose problems with your own laptop.


In this article, Soft4led has provided you with a Dell laptop schematic diagram PDF download for all models. This will be extremely helpful if you are trying to repair your Dell laptop’s motherboard. We hope that you found this article helpful and that it will make your Dell laptop repair process much easier.

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