Gateway Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram PDF (All Models)


A laptop motherboard schematic diagram is a detailed drawing of the individual components that make up the main circuit board of a laptop. This type of diagram is useful for understanding how the various parts of a laptop work together.

It can be difficult to find a good quality schematic diagram for your specific model of laptop, but gateway has made it easy by providing PDFs of their motherboard schematics for all models on their website.

In this article, we’ll provide a link to Gateway’s website where you can download the PDF for your specific model, as well as some tips on how to read and use a laptop motherboard schematic diagram.

Gateway Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram PDF
Gateway Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram PDF

Download Gateway Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram PDF

NOFileDownload Link
01Gateway EC14_EC14D Compal LA-5631P Rev0.4 SchemmaticDownload
02Gateway Arima W350DI RevE SchematicDownload
03Gateway CX210X_2720_2724_2735M_2608_2610 Quanta TA6 Rev1A SchematicDownload
04Gateway CX2755 (Quanta TA7) DAOTA7MB8E0 SchematicsDownload
05Gateway CX2755_E-295_S-7235R Quanta TA7 Rev2A SchematicDownload
06Gateway D40 M-73xx (Quanta SA8) SchematicsDownload
07Gateway E-265M 475M Quanta NA1 Rev2A SchematicDownload
08Gateway EC14 EC14D (Compal LA-5631P) SchematicsDownload
09Gateway EC39C Wistron SJM30-CS Rev2 SchematicDownload
10Gateway EC49C Inventec SJM40 DISCRETE-BGA RevX01 SchematicDownload
11Gateway ID43 ID43A NELA5 Compal LA-6141P Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
12Gateway ID47H SJM40-HR Compal LA-241P Rev0.2 SchematicDownload
13GateWay ID49C04U_ID49C11U NELA0 Compal LA-6151P Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
14Gateway ID57H P5LJ0 & P5LS0 Compal LA-7221P R1.0 SchematicDownload
15Gateway ID58 Series Wistron SJM50-MV RevSA SchematicDownload
16Gateway LT23 LT24 LT25 LT30 (Quanta ZA5) SchematicsDownload
17Gateway LT31 (Quanta ZA8) SchematicsDownload
18Gateway M series (Quanta sa1a) schematicsDownload
19Gateway M-7301U M-7315U M-7317U Quanta SA6 Rev3B SchematicDownload
20Gateway M100 (Quanta KN2 MA3) SchematicsDownload
21Gateway M1412_M1600 Quanta SA1A Rev 4A SchematicDownload
22Gateway M460E (Quanta MA1) daoma1mb8e6 SchematicsDownload
23Gateway M465 MX6708 NX560XL (Quanta MA6) SchematicsDownload
24Gateway M465 Quanta MA6 Rev 1A SchematicDownload
25Gateway MC78 MD78 MD7801U MD7811U MD7818U MD7822U (Quanta AJ2) SchematicsDownload
26Gateway MC78 MD78 MD7801U MD7811U MD7818U MD7822U Quanta AJ2 Montevina Rev1A SchematicDownload
27Gateway MD2601U MD2614U (Quanta AJ6) SchematicsDownload
28Gateway MD2601U MD2614U Quanta AJ6 Rev 1A SchematicDownload
29Gateway MT6451 6485 6453 Quanta MA3F B2 STAGE Rev 1A SchematicDownload
30Gateway MT6728 6730 ML6700 6720 6731 Quanta MA8 Rev 1A SchematicDownload
31Gateway MX6004M (Quanta MA8) SchematicsDownload
32Gateway MX6025-MX6027-MX6028 (Quanta MA2) schematicsDownload
33Gateway MX6128-MX6650-MX6635b (Quanta MA2A) ShematicDownload
34Gateway MX6437 6438 6453 6454 6448 6452 Quanta MA3 Rev 3B SchematicDownload
35Gateway MX6708 Quanta MA6 Rev 1A SchematicDownload
36Gateway MX6920 6931 MT6840 622b 6704 Quanta MA7 Rev3A SchematicDownload
37Gateway MX8708 MX8711 MX8715 MX8738 MP8708 (Quanta PA6A) SchematicsDownload
38Gateway MX8715 8721m 8734 8739 8741 Quanta PA6 Rev 1A SchematicDownload
39Gateway MX8738 8711 8708 MP8708 Quanta PA6A Rev 2A SchematicDownload
40Gateway NO51 Inventec BAD50 BXD50 Rev A02 SchematicDownload
41Gateway NV42 (Quanta Z08) SchematicsDownload
42Gateway NV44 NV48 Quanta Z06 Rev 1A SchematicDownload
43Gateway NV50A Compal LA-6552P Rev 1.0 SchematicDownload
44Gateway NV51B Compal LA-7092P Rev 1.0 SchematicDownload
45Gateway NV51M Compal LA-6631P Rev 1.0 SchematicDownload
46Gateway NV52 Wistron SJV50-PU 08260-1 48.4BX04.011 Rev 1 SchematicDownload
47Gateway NV53 (Wistron SJV50-TR) SchematicsDownload
48Gateway NV53 Series Wistron SJV50-TR 09228-1 48.4FM01.011 Rev 1M SchematicDownload
49Gateway NV53A PEW76 86 96 MBCompal LA-6552P Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
50Gateway NV54 NV58 (Wistron SJV50-MV) SchematicsDownload
51Gateway NV54 NV58 Wistron SJV50-MV SchematicDownload
52Gateway NV55S Compal LA-6973P Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
53Gateway NV57H Compal LA-6901P Rev2.0 SchematicDownload
54Gateway NV59C Compal LA-5891P Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
55Gateway NV59C Compal LA-5892P RevC SchematicDownload
56Gateway NV77H Compal LA-6911P Rev 0.3 SchematicDownload
57Gateway NV79 NV7915U NV7928U Compal LA-5881P Rev 0.1 SchematicDownload
58Gateway NV7915U Packard Bell Easynote LJ75 (Compal LA-5881P) SchematicsDownload
59Gateway SA1 (Quanta SA1) SchematicsDownload
60Gateway W340UI (Arima 40GAB1230-B100) SchematicsDownload
61Gateway W350DI (Arima) SchematicsDownload

How to Read a Motherboard Schematic Diagram

A motherboard schematic diagram is a drawing of the motherboard that shows all the components, connections, and their positions on the board. It can be used to troubleshoot problems with the motherboard or to find out where to connect new components.

Here are some tips for reading a motherboard schematic diagram:

-Start by familiarizing yourself with the legend at the bottom of the diagram. This will tell you what each symbol represents.
-Locate the CPU (central processing unit) on the diagram. This is typically marked with a large square or rectangle. All other components will connect to the CPU in some way.
-Follow the traces (lines) that connect different components together. These traces represent electrical signals that flow between different parts of the motherboard.
-Look for labels next to connectors and sockets on the diagram. These labels will tell you what type of component each one is meant for (e .g. USB, HDMI, etc.).
-Pay attention to the colors of the traces. In some cases, different colors may represent different types of signals (e.g. power, ground, data).

Reading a motherboard schematic diagram can be daunting at first, but don’t get discouraged. With a little practice, you’ll be able to understand even the most complex diagrams.


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