GSDXLI3TO-V1.1 Universal TV Board All Resolutions Free Download


GSDXLI3TO-V1.1 Universal TV Board All Resolutions Free Download

Hey Guys! Are you finding the best site to download Universal and Smart LED TV board Software? You are on the best place, You can download any type of Universal LED TV Board Software for free. In this post, you can download all resolutions of  GSDXLI3TO-V1.1 Firmware Free Download All Resolutions Universal LED TV Board Software for free.
GSDXLI3TO Universal TV Board All Resolutions Free Download
How to load firmware:

Copy the “GSD3663LU_64M.bin” file to the USB Flash Disk root directory (Format = FAT32)

Plug the USB Flash Disk into the board

Plugin the 7 key keyboard (to see the lights)

12V power supply

The LED will blink green – red (slow and quick to switch is OK)

Power off

Unplug Flash Disk USB


Press the power button (on remote or Keyboard)

The screen lights up and the language selection panel is OK.

How to enter service mode (Factory Setting):

Click Input, 2, 5, 8, 0


Press Menu, 1, 1, 4, 7

Depending on Remote, do 1 in 2 ways is OK

Color correction (LVDS Maps):

Go to service mode (see instructions above)

Select the last row: Panel Select

Choose the second row: Bit Mode

Choose 1 of 3 modes: 6bit, 8bit, 10bit is OK

Change logo:

Similar to V56 and V59

Rotate the screen 180 degrees:

Go to Service mode (instructions above).

Go to item 5: SPECIAL SET

Go to the 7th item: Mirror Enable

Turn on auto ON mode when plugging in the power:

Go to Service mode (instructions above).

Go to item 5: SPECIAL SET

On the 6th item: power select power ON

How To Download GSDXLI3TO-V1.1 Firmware For Free
From this post you can download all resolution of GSDXLI3TO-V1.1 LED TV board software firmware for free just scroll download the page and select your required resolution from the table and click on the download button after this you will be redirected to the MediaFire site and the download button will appear on the MediaFire site just you have to click on download button and easily start downloading
Here are Some Resolutions of  GSDXLI3TO-V1.1
BoardFile DescriptionDownload Link
GSDXLI3TO-V1.115 inch – 1024×768-S6Download
GSDXLI3TO-V1.115 inch – 1024×768-S8Download
GSDXLI3TO-V1.117 inch – 1280x1024_EN_D8_LogoDownload
GSDXLI3TO-V1.117 inch – 1280×1024-D6Download
GSDXLI3TO-V1.117 inch wide – 1280x768_D6Download
GSDXLI3TO-V1.117 inch wide – 1280×768-D8Download
GSDXLI3TO-V1.119 inch – 1366×768-D6Download
GSDXLI3TO-V1.119 inch – 1366×768-D8Download
GSDXLI3TO-V1.119 inch – 1366×768-S8Download
GSDXLI3TO-V1.122 inch – 1440x960_EN_D8_LogoDownload
GSDXLI3TO-V1.122 inch – 1440×960-D6Download
GSDXLI3TO-V1.123.5 inch – 1680x1050_EN_D8-LOGODownload
GSDXLI3TO-V1.123.5 inch – 1680×1050-D6Download
GSDXLI3TO-V1.1Full HD – 1920x1080_EN_D8_logoDownload
GSDXLI3TO-V1.1Full HD – 1920×1080-D6Download


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