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Hi My Friends! Did you find this page while searching about the BoardView files for your HP Laptop? If yes, we warmly welcome all of you to this web page. We have researched and provided here a collection of Almost all HP Laptop BoardView files to help technicians repair their Laptops. So all the files are provided below for free download you can do so.

HP Laptop BoardView files are a great way to get all the information you need about your laptop in one place. They are free to download and can be found for all HP models.

With these files, you can view the schematic of your laptop, as well as other important information such as the BIOS version and CPU type. If you ever need to troubleshoot your laptop or make repairs, having a BoardView file on hand can be extremely helpful.

HP Laptop BoardView Files
HP Laptop BoardView Files

Download HP Laptop BoardView Files

FileNODownload Link
01HP 11-f005TU DA0Y0EMB6C0 Quanta Y0E-MB-C boardviewDownload
02HP 14,15 DA0U81MB6C0 Quanta U81-MB-C boardviewDownload
03HP 15 DAG55AMB6E0 Quanta G55A Rev.E BoardviewDownload
04HP 15 Quanta G35G boardviewDownload
05HP 15-Ab027tx (DAX11AMB6D0) Quanta X11A-MB-D boardviewDownload
06HP 15-cb025ur DAG75AMBAD0 Quanta G75A BoardviewDownload
07HP 15-n Quanta U87 U88 DAU88MMB6A0 rA boardviewDownload
08HP 15-U483CL DAY62PMB8E0 Quanta Y62P-MB-B boardviewDownload
09HP 440 15 Quanta U83-MB-E DA0U83MB6E0 boardviewDownload
10HP AX3-hp-compaq-cq42-cq45-quanta-ax35-ddr3 boardviewDownload
11HP Chromebook 11 Quanta Y07-6L-MB-D DA0Y07MBAF1 boardviewDownload
12HP Chromebook 14 G4 Quanta Y0J-MB boardviewDownload
13HP Chromebook 14-X series Quanta Y09-MB-C DA0Y09MB6D0 boardviewDownload
14HP DAN91DMB6D0 Quanta N91D BoardviewDownload
15HP DM1 AMD DANM9G-MB-C boardviewDownload
16HP DM1 DAONM9MB6DO-MB-D boardviewDownload
17HP Envy Pavilion 15-E049SF – Quanta R76 Schematic & BoardviewDownload
18HP Envy 15 Quanta U36-MB-D DA0U36MB6D0 boardviewDownload
19HP Envy X360 Quanta Y0DP DAY0DPMBAF0 boardviewDownload
20HP Envy X360-A Series DA0Y61MB6E0 Quanta Y61-MB-D boardviewDownload
21HP Omen 17-W000 Quanta G38D DAG38DMBCC0 boardviewDownload
22HP Pavilion 15 Quanta X1P (Y19C) DAX1PDMB8E0 boardviewDownload
23HP Pavilion 14 (DAY12EMB6C0) Quanta Y12E-MB-B boardviewDownload
24HP Pavilion 14-ab (DAX13AMB6E0) Quanta X13A-MB-D boardviewDownload
25HP Pavilion 15 DA0U8AMB6A0 Quanta U8A-MB-A boardviewDownload
26HP Pavilion 15 F Series – Quanta U8C (U8X) Schematic & BoardviewDownload
27HP Pavilion 15 Quanta U93-MB-D DA0U93MB6D0 boardview bdvDownload
28HP Pavilion 15-AB DAX1FDMB6F0 Quanta X1F-MB-D boardview bdvDownload
29HP Pavilion 15-aw030ur) Quanta G54A (DAG54AMB6D0) boardviewDownload
30HP Pavilion 15-p Quanta Y16 DAY16EMB8C0 boardviewDownload
31HP Pavilion 15-p005sr (Quanta Y22A-MB-E) DAY22AMB6E0 boardviewDownload
32HP Pavilion 15-P263CA (DAY21AMB6D0) Quanta Y21A MB-D boardviewDownload
33HP Pavilion 17t-ab Series HP Omen 17-w Series – Quanta G37A G37B BoardviewDownload
34HP Pavilion 23-Q series AiO – Quanta N61B DAN61BMB6E0 BoardviewDownload
35HP Pavilion 27-A 27-B Series – Quanta N83 Schematic & BoardviewDownload
36HP Pavilion 27-A010 Quanta N83 DA0N83MB6F0 boardviewDownload
37HP Pavilion x2 12-b Quanta YB3B DAYB3BMBAD0 boardviewDownload
38HP Pavillion DV6 DV7 DA0LX6MB6H1 Quanta LX67-MB-F boardviewDownload
39HP PRO Slate 10 EE G1 DA0W0AMB6F0 Quanta W0A-MB-D -boardviewDownload
40HP Pro X2 410 G1 DAW03BMBAC0 Quanta W03B-MB-B boardviewDownload
41HP PROBOOK 440 G4 Quanta X81-MB-D BoardviewDownload
42HP Probook 455 (DAX73AMB6E1) Quanta X73-MB-D boardviewDownload
44HP Sleekbook Quanta U53-MB-B DA0U53MB6C0 boardviewDownload
45HP Spectre X2 12-a Quanta YB1-MB-I DA0YB1MBAI0 boardviewDownload
46HP Spectre x360 - 13 Quanta Y0D DAY0DDMBAE0 boardviewDownload
47HP Split DA0W05MB8E0 Quanta W05-MB-C boardviewDownload
48HP Stream 11 (DA0Y0HMB6F0) Quanta Y0H-MB-C boardviewDownload
49HP Stream 13 DAY0BCMB6D0 Quanta Y0BC-MB-C boardviewDownload
51HP Stream 14-ax DA0P9MB16D0 Quanta 0P9 boardviewDownload
52HP4411S_6050A2252601-MB-A03Zenith_UMA_A03-0318_ZZ-A03 boardviewDownload

What is the HP BoardView File?

The BoardView file is a proprietary file format used by HP to store information about the motherboard of their laptops. This file format is not well documented and there is no publically available tool to view or edit these files.

However, some users have reverse-engineered the format and created tools to view and edit BoardView files. These tools are not endorsed or supported by HP.


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