LAD.MV59S.G Service Menu Code & Instructions


Hello, Do you want to enter the service mode of the LAD.MV59S.G LCD LED TV Motherboard? You’ve come to the right place to look for an answer.

This page has addressed the procedures and secret codes for entering the LAD.MV59S.G TV Motherboard’s service menu or factory mode. Scroll down if you’re seeking for a solution.

ALL LCD LED TV Board Service Menu Codes
ALL LCD LED TV Board Service Menu Codes

LAD.MV59S.G Service Menu Code

  1. Use the Remote to Press the “Menu” Button
  2. Now Quickly Press “7” “7” “1” “0” Buttons
  3. The Service Menu will be displayed.

Most Useful Service Menu Opening Codes

  • Menu 1147
  • Menu 2580
  • Menu 2588
  • Source 2580
  • Menu 0000
  • Menu 2008
  • Menu 1999
  • Input 208
  • Input 2580


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