P130-628VX V6.0 Firmware Free Download


Hi, Today We are here with P130-628VX V6.0 Firmware. P130-628VX V6.0 is the best smart TV Driver board with an Android platform. The SmartBoard has 3-USB Ports and 3-HDMI Ports, USB port can be used to install or update the Firmware Software in your Smart LED TV Board. This is a popular Smart Board in Asian markets, so many friends need the firmware for this board, so we decided to provide the firmware for P130-628VX V6.0.

We will provide here all the resolutions for P130-628VX V6.0 Firmware for free download. We received Some requests for this firmware and finally, this is here for you. Anyone can easily download any file from this site. This is available for every technician. But remember if you are a beginner or a new in this field, then we have a recommendation for you. You should not install the firmware yourself, because it may lose the mainboard or the screen panel.

P130-628VX V6.0 Firmware Free Download
P130-628VX V6.0 Firmware Free Download

How to Download P130-628VX V6.0 Firmware

Now beginners and new visitors will ask how to download the firmware. I would say it is not difficult to get the firmware files from this site. This is an easy task to download. But still, if you consider it difficult then here is the best solution for you. you should watch the video that we have made with the purpose to teach you the site’s download process. Click on the button below and then the video will start playing.

Firmware Download

  • P130-628VX V6.0-1920×1080-KOGAN | Download
  • P130-628VX V6.0-1920×1080-DAYTRON | Download
  • P130-628VX V6.0-1920×1080-PREMIER | Download
  • P130-628VX V6.0-1920×1080-XENON | Download

Firmware Details:

File: J110-CostaRica-EDKSACS4901-A21-DU01-P130-628VX60-B-NTSC-ISDB-512M-4G-ST4851B01-1-DAYTRON-BC-2016
Panel: CSOT ST4851B01-1, 1920 x 1080, 60Hz, 2 ch, 8-bit

File: Harson-P130-628VX-V6.0-ISDB-DD-Panel-V500HJ1-PE8-logo-PREMIER-512M-4G-20160805-095825
Panel: Innolux V500HJ1-PE8, 1920 x 1080, 60Hz, 2 ch, 8-bit
eMMc 4G

Model: XENON
File: J110-Uruguay-EDKSACS5021-45CB-F2D1-P130-628VX60-B-NTSC-ISDB-512M-4G-ST5461B03-3-XENON-RS41-BC-20
Panel: CSOT ST5461B03-3, 1920 × 1080, 60Hz, 2 CH, 8- a bit

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  1. Amigos necesito ayud….quiero reparar mi tv necesito el software tp.svt59.p63 lo he encontrado en esta página pero no me da como descargarlo ayudarme por favor


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