P75-2841V6.0 Software Free Download All Resolutions


Are you searching for P75-2841V6.0 Software free download, P75-2841V6.0 firmware free download? Here are available some useful resolutions of P75-2841V6-0 like this one P75-2841V6.0 1366×768 with AKAI, We also have available more resolutions, we will update this post time to time. P_lease keep visiting if you want more firmware/software files for free on this site. This site provides you many free LCD/LED TV firmware/Software, So In this post, we will provide P75-2841V6.0 Software for free and it is very easy to download.

P75-2841V6.0 Software Free Download
P75-2841V6.0 Software Free Download

How to Update The Firmware in P75-2841V6.0

If you want to update P75-2841V6.0 Software then it can be installed easily by following some steps. Follow these some mentioned steps and get installed or updated the firmware in your Smart LED TV board.

1- To install this firmware you need USB Disk, take it and format it at fat 32

2- Now, Copy B I N file from the downloaded folder and insert USB to the Mainboard

3- Now, plugin main power source (220v) and press the main key on the keyboard

4- After that, Firmware will be started updating in your led tv, you have to wait

5- When everything stops glowing, Remove you Disk and start the LED TV…

How to Download P75-2841V6.0 Software Free

Anyone can download P75-2841V6.0 firmware form this site easily, if you are new on this site and want to know the download procedure then we have a complete guide for you. We made a youtube video specially for beginners on our site to explain to them the download procedure of this site. Please Click Here to watch that video and learn completely. Use this software/firmware at your own risk, we are not responsible for any damage/loss.

Some Available Resolutions of P75-2841V6.0 Firmware/Software Free Download

File DescriptionDownload Link

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  1. Hi there

    I am looking for a STAR-X P75-2841V6.0 firmware. Can you make it available please? Or if you could help me on how to readback the firmware from another P75-2841V6.0 i have would be great. I’ll sure share the firmware if i successful readback it back.



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