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Samsung Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagrams Download (All Models)

If u are searching for the schematic diagram of your Samsung laptop? Here is an amazing site that provides all the Samsung laptop models’ schematic diagrams.

If you are looking for Samsung Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagrams, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with schematic diagrams for all models of Samsung laptops.

With these diagrams, you will be able to easily identify and locate the various components on your Samsung laptop’s motherboard. This will come in handy if you ever need to troubleshoot or repair your laptop.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Samsung Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagrams
Samsung Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagrams

Download Samsung Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagrams

Welcome to our Samsung Laptop Schematic Diagrams section. Here you will find free download links to all Samsung laptop motherboard schematic diagrams.

All the files in this section are in PDF format. You will need a PDF reader to view these files. We recommend using Adobe Reader which is a free and widely used PDF reader program.

Click on the links below to download the schematic diagrams for your desired Samsung laptop model:

01Samsung BA41-01432A BA41-01433A SchematicDownload
02Samsung Bonn-e Bonn-c BA41-01060A BA41-01061A Rev1.0Download
03Samsung Bremen-L Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
04Samsung Bremen-L3 Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
05Samsung Bremen2-L Rev0.9 SchematicDownload
06Samsung Brighton Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
07Samsung Cambridge Rev1.0 schematicDownload
08Samsung CONFUCIUS PBA01-0010A Rev1.0 schematicDownload
09Samsung Hainan2 Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
10Samsung Lampard-AMD_INT Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
11Samsung N130 N140 Canterbury Springfield BA41-01122A 01123A 01124A 01125A Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
12Samsung NC10 WINCHESTER SchematicDownload
13Samsung NP 355E5X (Compal LA-8868P) SchematicsDownload
14Samsung NP-M55 (CICHLID 3) SchematicsDownload
15Samsung NP-M60 (Samsung Milan) SchematicsDownload
16Samsung NP-M70 schematicsDownload
17Samsung NP-N100s NP-N102s Eric-VE-R SchematicsDownload
18Samsung NP-Q1 schematicsDownload
19Samsung NP-Q1U MACAO BA41-00743A SchematicDownload
20Samsung NP-Q308 TIANJIN_EXT BA41-00897A Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
21Samsung NP-Q320 MIAMI-EXT SchematicDownload
22Samsung NP-Q35 SchematicDownload
23Samsung NP-Q35 TORINO BA41-00602A_3A SchematicDownload
24Samsung NP-Q40 SchematicDownload
25Samsung NP-Q40 schematicsDownload
26Samsung NP-Q45 TORINO 2 SchematicDownload
27Samsung NP-Q70 schematicsDownload
28Samsung NP-Q70 TORINO 2 SchematicDownload
29Samsung NP-R20 schematicsDownload
30Samsung NP-R25 schematicsDownload
31Samsung NP-R40 NP-R41 (FIRENZE II) SchematicsDownload
32Samsung NP-R40 plus (Firenze2-R) SchematicsDownload
33Samsung NP-R410 schematicDownload
34Samsung NP-R410 schematicsDownload
35Samsung NP-R423 (Suzhou-D) schematicsDownload
36Samsung NP-R425 SUZHOU-D Rev1.0 schematicDownload
37Samsung Np-R428 DDR3 schematicsDownload
38Samsung NP-R428 Suzhou_L BA41-01215A BA41-01217A BA41-01216A Rev1.0 schematicDownload
39Samsung NP-R45 Habana C BA41-00615A Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
40Samsung NP-R453 NP-R455 (DRESDEN-INT) SchematicDownload
41Samsung NP-R467 NP-R469 (QingDao ULCPC) SchematicsDownload
42Samsung NP-R50 FIRENZE SchematicDownload
43Samsung NP-R50 schematicsDownload
44Samsung NP-R510 LYON-Internal SchematicDownload
45Samsung NP-R519 NP-R719 Laptop SchematicsDownload
46Samsung NP-R519 R719 CANNES-L BONN-L SchematicDownload
47Samsung NP-R525 Bremen-D AMD Rev1.4 SchematicDownload
48Samsung NP-R55 FIRENZE R1.0 SchematicDownload
49Samsung NP-R55 FIRENZE Rev 1.0 SchematicDownload
50Samsung NP-R560 OSLO2 Rev1.1 schematicDownload
51Samsung NP-R580 R780 BREMEN-M 15 17 Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
52Samsung NP-R60 Plus PRAHA EXT SchematicDownload
53Samsung NP-R60 PRAHA-NRI SchematicDownload
54Samsung NP-R70 (OSLO) SchematicDownload
55Samsung NP-R70 OSLO SchematicDownload
56Samsung NP-R700 GENEVA Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
57Samsung NP-R700 SchematicsDownload
58Samsung NP-R710 GENEVA 2 EXT Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
59Samsung NP-R719 (Cannes-L) SchematicsDownload
60Samsung NP-RV411 Scala2-R BA41-01433A schematicDownload
61Samsung NP-RV415 NP-RV513 NP-RV515 Scala2_AMD SchematicsDownload
62Samsung NP-RV420 520 720 Scala2-R SchematicDownload
63Samsung NP-RV420 NP-RV520 NP-RV720 Scala2_R SchematicsDownload
64SAMSUNG NP-RV420 NP-RV520 NP-RV720 SchematicDownload
65Samsung NP-X06 schematicsDownload
66Samsung NP-X11 schematicsDownload
67Samsung NP-X118_X120 Stanford_11 BA41-01150A_BA41-01151A Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
68Samsung NP-X20 schematicsDownload
69Samsung NP-X22 (Samsung Palau) SchematicsDownload
70Samsung NP-X22 PALU BA41-00753A BA41-00786A Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
71Samsung NP300 SCALA3-14CRV SCALA3-14R Rev1.1 SchematicDownload
72Samsung NP350V (Compal LA-8862P) SchematicsDownload
73Samsung NP350V Compal LA-8862P SchematicDownload
74Samsung NP350V5C NP350E5C (Compal QCLA4 QCLA5 LA-8861P) SchematicsDownload
75Samsung NP355V5C (Compal LA-8863P) SchematicsDownload
76Samsung NP355V5C (Compal LA-8864P) SchematicsDownload
77Samsung NT-P55 (Samsung Lisbon) SchematicsDownload
78Samsung P10 schematicsDownload
79Samsung P460 BERLIN BA41-00895A Rev2.0 SchematicDownload
80Samsung Petronas-14dc Rev1.2 SchematicDownload
81Samsung Petronas-15 Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
82Samsung Q20 schematicsDownload
83Samsung Q208 Q210 Q308 (Madrid-Ext) SchematicsDownload
84Samsung Q35 schematicsDownload
85Samsung R18 schematicsDownload
86Samsung R40 schematicsDownload
87SAMSUNG R428 R430 P428 DDR3 BA41-01212A SchematicDownload
88Samsung R60 schematicsDownload
89Samsung RV408 Scala 14L SchematicDownload
90Samsung RV409 Jinmao-L BA41-01434A SchematicDownload
91Samsung RV410 Scala-14UL BA41-01325A SchematicDownload
92Samsung Scala2 AMD Rev1.0 SchematicDownload
93Samsung Scala2-EXT Rev1.1 SchematicDownload
94Samsung X20 - Cygnus-C schematicsDownload
95Samsung X360 (Samoa) schematicsDownload
96Samsung X360 Samoa BA41-00905A BA41-00906A SchematicDownload
97Samsung X60 schematicsDownload

What is the Use of a Schematic Diagram?

A schematic diagram is a drawing that shows the electrical connections and components of a circuit in a simple, clear way. Schematic diagrams are used in electronics to help technicians and engineers build and troubleshoot circuits. They are also used in education to help students understand how circuits work.

How to Read a Schematic Diagram

When you look at a schematic diagram for the first time, it can be daunting. There are so many symbols and lines and squiggles, all meaning something specific. But don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it looks. With a little practice, you’ll be reading schematic diagrams like a pro.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to reading a schematic diagram:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the basic symbols. There are standard symbols for each component, and you can find tables of these online or in textbooks. Once you know what each symbol represents, you can start piecing together the circuit.
  2. Follow the flow of electrons. In a direct current (DC) circuit, electrons flow from the negative terminal to the positive terminal. In an alternating current (AC) circuit, they change direction periodically. tracing the path of the electrons will help you understand how the circuit works.
  3. Understand how voltage and current work together. Voltage is like water pressure, and current is like water flow rate. So in a given circuit, increasing the voltage will increase the current (up to a point). This relationship is represented by Ohm’s law: V = IR, where V is voltage, I is current, and R is resistance.
  4. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the details. A lot of times, you can get by with just understanding the big picture of how a circuit works. The details can be ignored, or left for later study.
  5. Practice, practice, practice. The more you work with schematic diagrams, the easier they’ll become. So get a few from different sources and try to figure them out. With enough practice, you’ll be reading them like a pro.

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