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SKR.801 Software Free Download

Are you here for SKR.801 Software Download for free? If yes then you have reached the right website. Here you will see SKR.801 Firmware all resolutions to download for free of cost. Many people search on the internet for SKR.801 Firmware Download, SKR.801 Software, but now stop doing this. Because this site is giving you all files for your required LED TV board.

All the Firmware files that are available here are fully tested and updatable with USB Disk Drive. It means you don’t need the programmer to install/update the firmware in SKR.801 Universal LED TV board. We will give you the SKR.801 Software and also tell you How to download and install the firmware in your LED TV board

You are downloading SKR.801 Software/Firmware from This is a good platform if you are a technician or a repairer. We have posted here all firmware files, Diagrams, Pinouts, Datasheets, many Electronics Repairing tutorials, COF IC datasheets, EMMC Pinouts, ALL LCD/LED TV Boards Service Menu Codes, and more. All the things we have provided here for free of cost. Please go to the home page and search for anything that you want.

SKR.801 Firmware Download
SKR.801 Firmware Download

How to Update SKR.801 Software

If you are not a technician or not a repairer and an advanced user and you also want to update the SKR.801 Software then I would say that you can easily do it. Yes, you can install/update the firmware easily, but first, you have to learn a few easy steps. Now I am telling you some steps following these steps you can update or install the firmware in your LED TV board.

  • Take a UDISK and Format at Fat32
  • Copy the Firmware In USB Disk Item 3
  • Plug the USB Disk into the USB Port of the LED TV
  • Switch On the Power and Wait till IR Indicator led stops Flashing
  • Done, Unplug USB Disk, and Enjoy!

Note: Please install this firmware carefully, if you make any problem during the installation then the admin of this site will not be responsible.

How to Download SKR.801 Software

Now, If you want to get SKR.801 Firmware to download for free. Then please follow these two steps and download them easily. First of all, click the download button of your required resolution firmware files. After clicking the download link will take you to another Google Drive page. On this page, you just need to click the download icon and the files will be started downloading.

SKR.801 Software Download

Here are available all SKR.801 Software/Firmware resolutions that you want to download. So download them from here and then share them with your other technician friends.

  • SKR.801-1366×768 Sony Logo | Download
  • SKR.801-1366×768-General-USB | Download
  • SKR.801-1920×1080 Sony Logo | Download
  • SKR.801-1920×1080-General-USB | Download
  • SKR.801-1920×1080 Samsung Logo | Download
  • SKR.801-1366×768 Samsung Logo | Download

So guys how was the SKR.801 Firmware download experience? please let us know by the comment section. If you found any broken or expired links then please inform us. It will be our pleasure to fix any problem you facing on this site. Friends, we provide these files for free, so it’s your responsibility to spread these to others. So please share this site with other technicians in support of us. It will be your direct support to the owner of this site.

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