Programming Soniq Universal Remote Codes [2023]


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Soniq Universal Remote Codes
Soniq Universal Remote Codes

Soniq Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes


Soniq Universal Remote 3 Digit Code

  • 014

Soniq Universal Remote 5 Digit Code

  • 19253

Audiosonic Universal Remote Code For Soniq tv

  • 0301

Skandia Universal Remote Codes For Soniq


Programming Soniq Universal Remote Codes

Have you ever struggled to set up your universal remote with your TV? Fret not! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of programming your Soniq Universal Remote using the manual method. With the help of keycodes, you’ll be able to effortlessly identify the make and model of your equipment, making the programming process a breeze. Let’s get started and unlock the full potential of your universal remote!

Step 1: Turn on the Device Before we begin, make sure the device you want to control with your Soniq Universal Remote is turned on. This could be your TV or any other compatible equipment you wish to connect.

Step 2: Select TV Mode On your Soniq Universal Remote, locate and press the “TV” button. This step is crucial as it ensures your remote is ready to communicate with your TV.

Step 3: Enter Learning Mode Now, press and hold the “Setup” button on your Universal Remote until you see a light flash. This indicates that your remote is now in “Learning Mode,” ready to receive the keycode for your specific TV model.

Step 4: Collect the Keycode Consult your Universal Remote’s programming guide or refer to the Instructions Booklet that came with it. In this guide, you’ll find a list of keycodes corresponding to different TV makes and models. Locate the specific keycode for your TV.

Step 5: Enter the Keycode With the correct keycode in hand, enter it using the numerical keys on your Soniq Universal Remote. Take your time to ensure the correct sequence of digits.

Step 6: Point and Hold the Power Button Once you’ve entered the keycode, point your Soniq Universal Remote at your TV, and then press and hold the “Power” button. This step is to verify if the keycode has been successfully programmed to control your TV.

Step 7: Verify the Programming Observe your TV closely during the process. You should see the screen switch off as the remote sends the power command to your TV. At this point, you can release the “Power” button on the remote.

Step 8: Test Additional Functions (Optional) If your TV turned off successfully, congratulations! You’ve now programmed your Soniq Universal Remote with the manual method. You can further test other functions like volume control, channel changing, and input selection to ensure full compatibility with your TV.


Programming your Soniq Universal Remote using the manual method might seem intimidating at first, but following these straightforward steps will help you achieve seamless control over your TV or other devices. Now that you’ve mastered the art of programming your remote, sit back, relax, and enjoy the convenience of having a single remote to rule them all!


Can I use the Soniq Universal Remote with devices other than a TV?

Yes, absolutely! While the Soniq Universal Remote is primarily designed for TVs, it can also be programmed to work with other compatible devices like DVD players, Blu-ray players, audio systems, and more. Just follow the same programming steps, but ensure you have the correct keycode for the specific device you want to control.

I accidentally entered the wrong keycode, and now my remote isn’t working with my TV. What should I do?

No problem! If you accidentally entered the wrong keycode and your remote is not functioning with your TV, you can simply start the programming process again. Follow the steps to enter the correct keycode for your TV, and your remote should work as expected. Remember to double-check the keycode before confirming.

Does the Soniq Universal Remote support all TV brands?

The Soniq Universal Remote is designed to support a wide range of TV brands. However, it may not be compatible with every single TV model on the market. Before purchasing the remote, it’s a good idea to check the list of supported TV brands to ensure your TV is included. Additionally, you can use the Auto Search method if your TV brand is not listed.


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