T.SIS231.81 Firmware/Dump Free Download


Hi, T.SIS231.81 Firmware/Dump (прошивка) Free Download from this post. Yes, you can easily download all the firmware and Dump Files for your LCD/LED TV Board. T.SIS231.81 is a Non-Smart LCD/LED TV Board, it is used in various TV Brands like Vitiaz, SmartTech, MIIA, DGTEC, and more brands. You can download T.SIS231.81 C13213, T.SIS231.81 Dump/Flash from here, we have tried to upload a maximum of the firmware on this site. But still, if you have not found your desired firmware resolution according to your display panel or TV model then please wait and keep visiting. Because we will update this post from time to time as we get some more files for this board.

Here you will get the firmware for some of these brand LCD/LED TV models. T.SIS231.81 C13213-DGTEC DGTV-55FED-T550HVN01.A, C13213-Miia MTV C32DLEDH-LSC320AN04-12V, SmartTech SMT 50DTV1-V500HK1, T.SIS231.81-Vitiaz 32LCD821-5DC-LTA320AP32, and more or available or will be available soon. Are you ready to download it? If yes then please keep it in mind. We are publishing all these files for free of cost download. So if you face any type of problem in your TV after or during the installation of the firmware/Dump files then we will not be responsible for any of your damage or loss.

T.SIS231.81 Firmware/Dump Free Download
T.SIS231.81 Firmware/Dump Free Download

How to Download T.SIS231.81 Firmware/Dump

As you know guys here are available some Firmware and some Dump files for T.SIS231.81 LED TV Board. SO first of all, you have to confirm that what is the model of your mainboard and the screen panel then find the exact resolutions from the table below. If you found here the exact resolution then click the download button that is available for every resolution. After that, by following some links you will easily download the files. But if you are facing it difficult to download then the video tutorial is available for you. Click the below how to download button and watch our youtube video to learn the complete download process.

Download Files

  • T.SIS231.81-LC420EUD (SE) (F2) | Download
  • T.SIS231.81-Vitiaz 32LCD821-5DC-LTA320AP32 | Download
  • T.SIS231.81-SMT 50DTV1-V500HK1 SmartTech | Download
  • T.SIS231.81-MIIA MTV-C40DLEDFHD-LSC400HM09-12V | Download
  • T.SIS231.81 C13213-DGTEC DGTV-55FED-T550HVN01.A | Download
  • T.SIS231.81 C13213-Miia MTV C32DLEDH-LSC320AN04-12V | Download
  • T.SIS231.81B-LTA400HM22-VORTEX-Firmware | Download
  • Goldvision GVLED4794-T.SIS231.81-Dump | Download
  • Goldvision GVLED4797 TNT-T.SIS231.81-Dump | Download
  • T.SIS231.81-JVC LT-40N50A | Download

Firmware Details:

Main Board: T.SIS231.81
Panel: 55CA/T550HVN01.A
SPI Flash: 25Q64BSIG

Main Board: T.SIS231.81
Panel: LSC320AN04-12V

Main Board: T.SIS231.81
Panel: LTA400HM22

Main Board: T.SIS231.81
Panel: LTA400HM22

Main Board: T.SIS231.81
Panel: LC420EUD (SE)(F2)
SPI Flash: GD25Q64BSIG

Main Board: T.SIS231.81
Panel: LSC400HM09-12V
SPI Flash: 25Q64FV

SmartTech SMT 50DTV1
Main Board: T.SIS231.81
Panel: V500HK1
SPI Flash: 24Q64

Vitiaz 32LCD821-5DC
Main Board: T.SIS231.81
Panel: LTA320AP32

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