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TCL LED TV Panel Mirror Codes

TCL LED TV panel mirror codes, a somewhat hidden feature, hold immense value for those looking to fine-tune their TV’s display settings. In this article, we’ll delve into what mirror codes are, why they’re essential, and provide a comprehensive list of codes to help you optimize your TCL LED TV.

What are Mirror Codes and Why Do We Need Them? Mirror codes are essentially shortcodes or key combinations that software developers design to allow users to tweak their TV’s software configuration discreetly. These codes are often entered using the numeric pad on your remote control, making them a handy tool for adjusting settings without fuss.

But why do we need mirror codes? The primary reason is to accommodate different types of panels, especially when replacing the original panel with a different one. When such replacements occur, issues like image inversion or incorrect mapping can arise. In such cases, mirror codes come to the rescue, allowing you to correct these problems seamlessly. If your TV lacks a built-in panel mirror option in the service menu, these codes are your go-to solution.

TCL LED TV Panel Mirror Code Ranges The TCL LED TV panel mirror code range typically falls between 001 to 399. If you’re unsure about the exact code for your TV model, don’t worry. You can try them one by one until you find the one that works for you. Keep in mind that while most codes within this range may work, a few might not be compatible with your specific TV model. Sharing your experiences and findings in the comments can be valuable for other technicians.

TCL LED TV Panel Mirror Codes
TCL LED TV Panel Mirror Codes

TCL LED TV Panel Mirror Codes

Here are some verified mirror codes for various TCL LED TV models:

  1. TCL 32S65A:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 115
  2. TCL L43S6500:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 062
  3. TCL L49S6500:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 011
  4. TCL 50C716:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 324
  5. TCL 65C716:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 292
  6. TCL 65C815:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 266
  7. TCL 55P8M:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 025
  8. TCL 65P8M:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 197
  9. TCL L39B2610:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 015 for Normal
    • Menu 062598 Menu 013 for Mirror
  10. TCL L40D2730:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 027 for Normal
    • Menu 062598 Menu 028 for Mirror
  11. TCL 75P715:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 252
  12. TCL C55P5US:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 140
  13. TCL L28D2720:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 047
  14. TCL L32D2730A:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 054
  15. TCL L43P1FS:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 009
  16. TCL L43P6US:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 028, 071
  17. TCL L65P6US:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 037, 054
  18. TCL L55P65US:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 013
  19. TCL L43P8:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 275
  20. TCL L50P8:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 011
  21. TCL L55P8:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 021
  22. TCL L65P8S:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 012
  23. TCL L50C1US:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 083
  24. TCL L55D2750:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 047
  25. TCL L55D2900:
    • Menu 062598 Menu 013

Additional Working TCL LED TV Panel Mirror Codes

Here are a few more working mirror codes:

  • Menu 062598 Menu 015
  • Menu 062598 Menu 017
  • Menu 062598 Menu 027
  • Menu 062598 Menu 050 (Thomson Logo)
  • Menu 062598 Menu 109 (SEMP Logo)
  • Menu 062598 Menu 126 (Hitachi Logo)
  • Menu 062598 Menu 127 (RCA Logo)

Choosing the Right Remote Control

It’s crucial to use a TCL smart remote control with numeric buttons to perform the code procedure effectively. Using a simple non-smart LED TV remote control won’t yield the desired results, as it will typically display the Home screen when you press the Menu button, preventing you from accessing the necessary menu options.


In conclusion, TCL LED TV panel mirror codes are a powerful tool for adjusting your TV’s settings, especially when dealing with panel replacements or configuration tweaks. Experiment with the provided codes, and share your experiences to help fellow technicians. Unlock the full potential of your TCL LED TV with these handy mirror codes.

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