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TP.MS638.PC821 Software Free Download

Today Anees Imran is here with TP.MS638.PC821 Software to download for free. If you were finding this software then you have reached the exact site, where you will get all resolutions of TP.MS638.PC821 Software for free. Here are available some useful resolutions of TP.MS638.PC821 Smart LED TV board like TP.MS638.PC821 3840×2160 4G and 8GB, and more, you can use this software with USB Drive. These resolutions are tested and easy to use. You don’t need a programmer for this, just copy the firmware/software file to the disk and install it to your SmartBoard.

TP.MS638.PC821 Software Free Download
TP.MS638.PC821 Software Free Download

How to Instal TP.MS638.PC821 Software

TP.MS638.PC821 Software can be installed by following some easy steps. Follow these mentioned steps carefully and install or update the firmware in your LED TV board.

1- To install this firmware you need USB Disk, take it and format it at fat 32

2- Now, Copy the B I N file from the downloaded folder and insert the USB to the Mainboard

3- Now, plugin main power source (220v) and press the main key on the keyboard

4- After that, Firmware will be started updating in your led tv, you have to wait

5- When everything stops glowing, Remove your Disk and start the LED TV…

How to Get TP.MS638.PC821 Firmware

To download the firmware easily without any problem, you have to follow some steps. All the steps are covered in a video that we have published on youtube. If you don’t know how to download then please watch this video. Click Here to watch the video.

TP.MS638.PC821 Software Download


Firmware Information:

1- Ar + Fr + En …… Support – UHD UD_VB1_8LANE

2- CS143565_RX_MS638_PC821B_A20_8G_CH_4K_2K_IR_XYR08_ 8G_REF45_24419ff1_20160117_122320
Ar + Fr + En …… Support

3- CS143567_RX_MS638_PC821B_A20_8G_CH_4K_2K_DOUBLE_PORT_IR_XYR08 8G_REF45_14cadab1_20160117_133447
Ar + Fr + En …… Support

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