TP.MS6486.PB710 Firmware Free Download


If you need TP.MS6486.PB710 Firmware прошивка then you are on the right website. Here you can download TP.MS6486.PB710 All Resolutions that we have available. All the files that we are giving here are fully tested and very useful and popular files are available here to download for free of cost. TP.MS6486.PB710 Firmware is USB updateable, you can update this software in your LED TV using USB Disk Drive.

But remember you have no right to sell this software because it is free but still if you want to share this with others then you can share the link to this post. So that others can easily download any software from this site.

TP.MS6486.PB710 Firmware
TP.MS6486.PB710 Firmware

How to Update the Firmware

Do you want to update the firmware yourself? you can do this but if you do not follow the proper way then you may lose your mainboard or your Screen panel. So where to learn to update? don’t worry here I am showing you some steps by following them one by one you can easily update this firmware in your LED TV. First, you need a USB Disk Drive to take it and format it. Then follow the below steps carefully.

  • After download, the files extract it using WinRAR Software
  • Now you will get a BIN Files (allupgrade-6486-aes-SN51-50-U)
  • Move this file to the empty USB Disk Drive and insert it into the board
  • Plugin the main power source and press the main key on the keypad
  • The SOFTWARE will start installing automatically you should wait
  • After waiting for some munites software will be installed remove USB
  • Now LED TV is ready to use, use a remote to start the LED TV

TP.MS6486.PB710 Firmware Software Download

Here all the Latest and most Useful Firmware Resolution BIN files are listed, you can choose any and click on the download button to download it

    SHARP LC32CHG6242E
    Main: TP.MS6486.PB710B
    Panel: SAMSUNG LSC320AN10-H , 1366×768
    SW Branch : 6486-sharp-netflix-release-1011

    Download More:


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