TP.S512.PB83 Firmware Free Download


Hi, Are you finding TP.S512.PB83 Firmware and you want to download this firmware/software? this post is about this firmware. TP.S512.PB83 is the best universal LED TV Board that is used to build a Universal LED TV. This board comes with many LED TV Brands like Vivax, Supra, Thomson, Haier, Elenberg, Shivaki Nikai and many more. So, we have available TP.S512.PB83 Firmware for all these LED TV Brands, you can download for free.

You are on this is the best site about Electronics like LCD/LED TVs, laptops, Computers, and Smart Phones. We provide Bin firmware flash files for free for LCD/LED TVs, Satellite receivers, laptops, Computer motherboards. We also provide Schematics diagrams, COF Datasheets, Diagrams PDF, Circuit Diagrams and many more things about electronics. you can check by searching on this site. But this post will give you TP.S512.PB83 Firmware/Software. Please share this site with your friends.

TP.S512.PB83 Universal LED TV Board

TP.S512.PB83 Firmware Free Download
TP.S512.PB83 Firmware Free Download

TP.S512.PB83 Specifications

Model Number: TP.S512.PB83 

SD Card Support: No  

Standard VESA: 300×300  

Network Support: No  

Interface Type: HDMI  

Resolution: CGA(320*200)  

Aspect Ratio: 3:2   3D support: No  

Refresh Rate: 24P(24Hz)  

Weight: standard  

Screen Technology:

LED   Size: standard  

Screen Size: 32 inches  

Supported Formats: Others  

TP.S512.PB83 Comes in Some Brands like:

Vivax LED TV-32LE72T2

Supra STV-LC40T

Thomson T40D17SF-01B

Haier LE40B7000

Elenberg 40DF4030

Shivaki STV-32LED13

Nikai NTV-5550LED

TP.S512.PB83 Service Manu Code: Try Menu + 1147

TP S512 PB83 Schematics/circuit Diagram: Please Find Here

How to Download TP.S512.PB83 Firmware

It is an easy task to download TP.S512.PB83 firmware from this site. Now, we have shifted our all files on Google Drive file hosting. So now it is very easy to get and download files from this site. You just have to select your required files and then click on the download button. After clicking the button you will see the new tab will open, click on the download icon and the file will be easily saved on your device. Please use WinRAR Software to extract the files.

TP.S512.PB83 Firmware Download

File DetailsDownload
TP.S512.PB83-LC320EXJ (SE)(E1)-25Q64-Vivax-LED TV-32LE72T2Download
TP.S512.PB83-LC320EXJ-SEE1-25Q64-Vivax-LED TV-32LE72T2Download
TP.S512.PB83-LVF400SSDE E2 V2-Thomson-T40D17SF-01BDownload
TP.S512.PB83-LVW320CSDX E13 V2-25Q64BSIG-Haier-LE32F6000TDownload
TP.S512.PB83-TP.S512.PB81-SV320SHD PDL320TU2A X41-Shivaki-STV-32LED13-25Q64Download

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