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TP.VST59S.P89 Firmware Free Download

TP.VST59S.P89 Firmware: Hey Guys This is another latest post on Universal LED TV Board Firmware. In this post, we have given all resolution firmware for TP.VST59S.P89 Universal LED TV board in all types like Normal and Mirror. You can see further details in the below table. These all Firmware files are in BIN format you can use USB Disk Drive to Update or Install this firmware. All the resolutions are tested and fully workable. But If you make any problem during the installation then we are not responsible for any problem.

As you know this post is giving you TP.VST59S.P89 Software and Firmware BIN Bios files for free Download. We will tell you how to install or update the firmware in this China LED TV board, You will also learn How to download the firmware from this site. This site is You can download many more firmware files from like this. Just go and search for the firmware that you want.

TP.VST59S.P89 Firmware Free Download

TP.VST59S.P89 Firmware Update (USB)

Friends, As we told you before, This software is a Firmware file, which means it is USB-updatable. You don’t need any programmer to install the firmware on your LED TV Board. So download any files from here, according to your Panel and mainboard. Extract the files using WinRAR, so that you will get a BIN file. After that follow these steps one by one to update the F.W.

  • First of all, take a USB Flash and format it
  • Download the exact resolution RAR file
  • Extract RAR to BIN, Use WinRAR
  • Move bin_v59s.bin file to the Flash Disk
  • Insert Flash to the mainboard
  • Now, Plug in the power of the LED TV
  • Press the Power Key on the Keypad
  • The software is loading please wait
  • When everything stops glow9ng
  • Remove the USB and Start your LED TV

TP.VST59S.P89 Firmware BIN Download

Choose the correct file that you want to download. Please choose carefully because if you load the wrong resolution or SW to the board then it may be because of your loss. So first see the datasheet of your screen panel and then download the resolution according to the resolution. After that, click on the download button files will be started downplaying.

  • TP.VST59S.P89-FUSION FLTV-32L42B | Download
  • TP.VST59S.P89-Hisense LEDN32D33 | Download
  • TP.VST59S.P89-Hyundai H-LED32V25 | Download
  • TP.VST59S.P89-IRBIS M28Q77HAL | Download
  • TP.VST59S.P89-ROLSEN RL-28D1307 | Download
  • TP.VST59S.P89-RUBIN RB-28D8 | Download
  • TP.VST59S.P89-RUBIN RB-29D5 | Download
  • TP.VST59S.P89-TELEFUNKEN TF-LED32S6 | Download

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