Download TP.MS338.PB818 Firmware Software [All Resolutions]

Download TP.MS338.PB818 Firmware Software [All Resolutions]

Looking for TP.MS338.PB818 Software? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

Tired of searching high and low for the perfect TP.MS338.PB818 software for your LED TV board? Well, your quest ends here! We’re excited to offer you free downloads for all resolutions of this software. Whether you’re dealing with a smart TV or a universal LED board, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get that TV working like new again!

TP.MS338.PB818 Software All Resolutions Free Download
TP.MS338.PB818 Motherboard
BrandSmart Universal
Operating SystemAndroid 4.4
Resolution Supportup to 1920*1080
Panel Support26″ to 46″

How to Update Firmware on Your TP.MS338.PB818 Smart Board

Here’s a simple guide to updating your TP.MS338.PB818 smart board’s firmware:

  1. Download the Firmware: Begin by downloading the latest firmware file for your board.
  2. Extract the File: Once the download is complete, extract the downloaded RAR file to reveal the .bin file.
  3. Prepare Your USB Drive: Insert a blank USB drive into your computer and copy the extracted .bin file onto it.
  4. Connect the Board: Unplug your TP.MS338.PB818 smart board from the power outlet. Insert the USB drive containing the .bin file into the board.
  5. Power On the Board: Plug the board back into the power outlet. Wait for the red indicator light to start blinking (this may take about 2 seconds).
  6. Wait for Completion: Continue to wait until the red indicator light stops blinking and remains solid.
  7. Remove the USB Drive: Safely remove the USB drive from the board.
  8. Power On the Board: Use the remote control to turn on your smart board.
  9. Enjoy the Update: Your firmware is now updated!

That’s it! You’ve successfully updated your TP.MS338.PB818 smart board’s firmware.

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