TV Motherboards Customer Config Files Collection Free Download


Hi, In this post you are going to have a collection of all supported TV Motherboards Customer Config Files. All are shared below in the table and can be downloaded easily with a few clicks.

Customer configuration files. Some Universal Android Smart Boards, such as Cultraview Manufacturer (CV338), have a logo replacement feature, background image, wall, remote control, panel resolution, screen parameters, and animations with easy access via USB drive. This means you can change or edit or update the named items on your LED TV through your own selection.

These files have a specific name and format and are called Customer Configuration Files. We usually use remote IR configuration files and logo configuration files of our choice. There are many user suppression files provided here in this post that you can download and use for your own requirements for free.

TV Motherboards Customer Config Files
TV Motherboards Customer Config Files

Download Customer Config Files Collection

Bellow all available and Supported TV Motherboard Customer Configuration Files are provided, please click on the download button to start downloading for free.


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