Westinghouse TV Service Menu Codes & Instructions


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So, here are all of the methods for accessing or launching the Westinghouse TV Service Mode. The service mode is also known as the Factory Menu and the Hidden Menu on Westinghouse televisions. This menu contains advanced information as well as television settings.

Westinghouse TV Service Menu Codes
Westinghouse TV Service Menu Codes

Westinghouse TV Service Menu Codes

  1. Press and hold the VOL – + Input buttons on the right side of the television when the set is turned off. While still holding these buttons, push the POWER button.
  2. If everything is done properly, the Westinghouse Logo on the front of the television will begin to blink.
  3. Press the RETURN key on the Remote Control.
  4. You are currently in Service Mode.
  5. Bring up the Standard OSD Menu to exit Service Mode. Select FACTORY RESET from the GENERAL SETTINGS menu. This will clear your OSD settings but maintain any modifications you make to the Service Menu.


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