Feb 22, 2019

TP.MS338.PB818 Software All Resolutions Free Download

TP.MS338.PB818 Software Free Download

Are you finding the best site to download TP.MS338.PB818 Software for free? You can easily download all resolutions of TP.MS338.PB818 LED TV Board software for free. All smart and universal LED TV board software firmware Free Download from this site.

TP.MS338.PB818 Software Free Download

How To Download TP.MS338.PB818 Software For Free

From this post, you can download all resolution of TP.MS338.PB818 Smart Universal LED TV board software firmware for free just scroll download the page and select your required resolution from the table and click on the download button after this you will be redirected to the Mediafire site and the download button will appear on the Mediafire site just you have to click on download button and easily start downloading

Info About TP.MS338.PB818 LED TV Board

Brand: Smart Universal

Model: TP.MS338.PB818

Ram: 512 MB

Rom: 4 GB

OS: Android 4.4

CPU: A7*2

Resolution Support: up to 1920*1080

Panel Support: 26" to 46"

How To Update Firmware in TP.MS338.PB818 Smart Board

After downloading the file

You have to extract the RAR file

And copy the .bin file

Copy it into empty USB Disk

Insert it into TP.MS338.PB818 smart board

Insert the switch into 220v

And after 2 seconds red indicator light will start blinking

You have to wait till led light stops blinking

After this led light will still on the red light

You can remove the USB Disk

Now power on the board from remote

and Enjoy! firmware is successfully updated

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Here are Some Resolutions of TP.MS338.PB818 Smart Board

Model File Description Download Link
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1366x768_All.part01 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1366x768_All.part02 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1366x768_All.part03 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1366x768_All.part04 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1366x768_All.part05 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1366x768_All.part06 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1366x768_All.part07 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1366x768_All.part08 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1366x768_All.part09 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1366x768_All.part10 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1366x768_All.part11 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1366x768_All.part12 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1366x768_All.part13 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1920x1080_All.part01 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1920x1080_All.part02 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1920x1080_All.part03 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1920x1080_All.part04 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1920x1080_All.part05 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1920x1080_All.part06 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1920x1080_All.part07 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1920x1080_All.part08 Download
TP.MS338.PB818 TP.MS338.PB818_1920x1080_All.part09 Download


  1. fhd file not available , check bro! Nice work!

  2. cual es el interruptor en 220v ? descargue el bin lo puse en raiz de una usb pero no me parpadea, solo conecto a la electricidad con el usb conectado

  3. all part for 1366x768 needed to download or choose only one?


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