CV6308H-B42 Firmware Free Download


CV6308H-B42 Firmware: Hi, guys welcome back to my website, in this post you can download all software/firmware files for CV6308H-B42 Smart led TV board. So do you want to download if yes then please go to the table below and select your requested resolution and then click on the download button. You will not face any problem during the download if the firmware. We have uploaded these files on Google drive file hosting server. You just have to click on the download button and the firmware will be started downloading. After a few minutes, check your download folder.

CV6308H-B42 Firmware Free Download
CV6308H-B42 Firmware Free Download

How to Update CV6308H-B42 Firmware USB

You wanna install/update CV6308H-B42 Firmware, well if you want to do then it is not difficult to install or update the Software in CV6308H-B42 Smart LED TV Board. We will show you some easy steps, using them you can install the firmware through USB Disk Drive. But you need to do ever steps carefully. Please follow these steps one by one to install the firmware on your Smart LED TV.

  • To update the firmware, you need a USB Disk to take it and format the USB
  • Download and move the firmware to the Disk Drive and insert to the Main Smartboard
  • Now, Power on the TV and press the main power button on the TV
  • After the above steps, you will see the firmware is started updating (Red indicator will start blinking)
  • After a few minutes, SW will be automatically installed, when every light stops blink and led tv goes to standby
  • Remove the USB Disk and power on the LED TV Software is installed

CV6308H-A42 Firmware Download

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