5851-A7R04B-0P00 Firmware Free Download


Hello, and welcome friends to our website soft4led.com so today in this latest and new post, you will be able to download the 5851-A7R04B-0P00 Firmware for the IRIS and Philco LED TV for free of cost from this post. So if you have this Main Board in your Philco or Iris LED TV then you can download this software and use it on your TV. These software files are dedicated to the IRIS 40E20 LED TV and other Philco TV Models.

5851-A7R04B-0P00 Firmware Free Download
5851-A7R04B-0P00 Firmware Free Download

5851-A7R04B-0P00 Firmware Download

TV ModelIRIS 40E20
Display PanelFULL HD 1080X1920
Main Board5851-A7R04B-0P00
Firmware TypeUSB Update
File Name5851-A7R04B-0P00.img
File DescriptionDownload link
5851-A7R04B-0P00-IRIS 40E20-1080X1920Download
IRIS 40E20
Mainboard: 5851-a7r04b-0p00
FULL HD 1080X1920


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