CV538H-A Firmware Free Download


Hello, This is another Smart LED TV board firmware-related post. Guys in this post you can download CV538H-A Firmware all resolutions for free of cost. We will give you some useful and tested files for CV538H-A Smartboard like 1920×1080 and 38740×2160 with different remotes. First, you need to know the resolution of your LCD/LED panel and then match the main board’s model with CV538H-A. If you found here exact resolution according to the Screen panel and mainboard then you can find your firmware in the table below. It is an easy task to download, but if you face any problems then the video link given below you can watch.

CV538H-A Firmware Free Download
CV538H-A Firmware Free Download

CV538H-A Specifications

CV538H-A is a 4K Ultra High Definition Smart LED TV Board. It supports 3840×2160 resolutions. The board comes with the latest operating system Android 6.0. It has 3 HDMI and 3 USB (2.0) Ports. It has a built-in WiFi system and it is the best high-speed Smartboard that comes with the Android Platform.

BrandSmart UHD 4K Board
OSAndroid 6.0
WiFiYes Built-in
USB Ports3 (2.0)
HDMI Ports1 (1.4), 2 (2.0)

How to Download CV538H-A Firmware

If you want to download CV538H-A Firmware then it is not difficult but if you feel it is difficult. Then here is the best video for you that we have published on youtube. if you want to learn how to download files from here then you should watch this complete video. After watching it you will be able to download files easily from this site. Click on the below button to get the video link.

Firmware Download

Firmware : CV538H-A_Blaupunkt_LC600EGE_27.6.2018
Panel : LG Display LC600EGE
Panel General Features : 3840(3)×2160 [UHD] ; 51 pins V-by-One 8 lane ; 60Hz

Firmware: BH-17336-DECENT-enox-538H-A-V650DJ4-MO10023821-2017-12-16-164458
Panel: Innolux V650DJ4-QS5 , 3840×2160, 120Hz , V-by-One 8 lane

Firmware: BH-17313-DECENT-enox-538H-A-V750DK1-MO10023816-2017-12-16-164458
Panel: Innolux V750DK1-QS5 , 3840×2160, 120Hz , V-by-One 16 lane

Firmware: T201805054A-CNC-538H-A-FuJiCom-HV550QUB_H11-12V-7KEY-MO18001027-20180601164859
Panel: BOE HV550QUB-H11 , 3840×2160

Firmware: T201806055A-CNC-MyrosLINXIA-538H-A-LSC750FF02-8KEY-8O-MOXXXXX-20180620084834
Panel: SAMSUNG LSC750FF02-W ; 3840×2160

Firmware: t201803201a-cnc-538h-a-Smartbook-hv550qub_h11-mo18000938-20180709152801
Panel: boe hv550qub-h11 , 3840×2160

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  1. hello i want this tv software if you can send me pls i have look all over .Firmware: t201803201a-cnc-538h-a-Smartbook-hv550qub_h11-mo18000938-20180709152801
    Panel: boe hv550qub-h11 , 3840×2160


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