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CVX10H-A42 Firmware Free Download

Are you guys looking for CVX10H-A42 Firmware? well if yes then you are at the one and only best website for all the LED TV Firmware. We provide here all types of Smart and Non-Smart Universal and Original brands Firmware Software to help technicians. Everything we share with you is fully free and very easy to get from this website.

CVX10H-A42 Firmware Download

Hello, Friend, In this post, you will see CVX10H-A42 Firmware All important and useful resolutions, which will be able to download. You will get here multiple Software/Firmware files for CVX10H-A42 LED TV Board in multiple resolutions. All the firmware that we are sharing on this post, all will be tested and ok files. You don’t have to use a programmer to load this firmware on your LED TV Board. The USB Flash Disk Drive can be used to install the firmware. The USB Firmware method is more convenient and fully easy for beginners and new technicians. So guys below all the CVX10H-A42 Firmware files are available for free of cost.

So, Are you interested in CVX10H-A42 firmware? do you want it to download in your Computer or Mobile? don’t worry about it. You can do it from the below download section. But here listen to me, guys these all files are free and we are not taking any responsibility for the firmware. that it works well or not, how it works, but we can explain everything about the smartboard. Like How to Download firmware from here, How to update the CVX10H-A42 Firmware etc. But if you make any type of damage/loss then it is not Soft4led‘s team responsibility. I hope you understand. You don’t need to worry about this firmware this is 100% tested before uploading here.

CVX10H-A42 Specifications

Motherboard ModelCVX10H-A42
Board BrandUniversal FHD Smart Board
Operating SystemAndroid
Max Resolution1920×1080
Screen Panel Sizeup to 46 inch
Number of HDMI ports3 Ports
Number of USB Ports2 Ports
RJ45 ConnectorYES
WiFI SupportYES
Input AC Voltages220v AC
Display Panel Voltages12V
USB Update SupportYES

CVX10H-A42 Smart Board

CVX10H-A42 is another best high-performance Android Platform supported Smart Network LED TV Board. It uses 1920×1080 Resolution supported Display panels. We can use this Smart LED TV Board for 46 and more size panels with this board. It has a lot of best features that make it different than other SMart LED boards. Like it has 1 GB of RAM and 8 Gigabytes of ROM space. It is a very good RAM for good speed and the 8 GB storage is enough for the common home based user.

It has also 2 Numbers of USB ports which we use to play media like Video, Audio, Images, Documents, and others. We can also use it to update the CVX10H-A42 Firmware easily with no extra steps. The SmartBoard also have some other ports that you find in other Smart LED TV boards. You will see, Multiple HDMI and USB POrts and VGA, A/V, RJ45 Connector, Headphone jack, and more. If you want to see more features and specifications of this Smart Bard then prefer reading all the below specification tables.

CVX10H-A42 Internet Connection

If you are an internet user then this board has two types of internet connections. You can connect the internet with this Smart LED TV Board using the wire cable system and also a wireless system. The wired cable will be connected to the RJ45 Connector, and the WiFI can be used to connect the internet wirelessly. It is also a combo board, Power supply, Backlight Driver, and the mainboard. So our all CVX10H-A42 Smart LED TV Board has a lot of good features.

CVX10H-A42 Available Resolutions

As you already know we always try to share multiple files for a single Smartboard. We always tried to avail here the CVX10H-A42 Firmware for multiple resolutions with multiple Remote and Logo for multiple Remote Controls. Well, In this post I am also trying to upload the maximum Software Bin files for CVX10H-A42 LED TV Board. Now at this time, you will get CVX10H-A42 Firmware of 1920×1080 Resolution with 1GB 8GB RAM and ROM variant. But we will avail of more files as soon as possible. You can wait for it or can request us to provide, by the comment box.

How to Choos the Right Firmware

Are you new and haven’t knowledge to choose the right firmware for your LED TV Board Model and Display Screen. Guys, it is not difficult, let me explain to you how. First, You need the Datasheet for your Screen Panel. You can download it from It provides you free datasheet for Display Panels. Now note down the Panel resolution and panel size. Have you noted it’s good? Now just see the main motherboard Model number in your LED TV. You can see the example of a TV Board Model Number below in the Image. Now find here and download the best resolution for these specifications according to the RAM and ROM size.

How to Choos the Right Firmware

How to Update CVX10H-A42 Firmware

Now, Come to the firmware installation. If you are a beginner in this field then it is recommended for you. But if you still want to perform this task then you can search on the youtube e for a good video that will provide you a full guide about the firmware update and installation process. Now here are some steps to do the installation you can also try them one by one and implement it on your SmartBoard.

  • First, Download the firmware RAR file and extract it to get the WinRAR file
  • Use the WinRAR to extract, Now copy the Bin to the empty USB Disk Drive
  • Come to the LED TV, and plug out the main power inset USB in the Port
  • Plugin the power again and wait, The LED TV will auto pick the firmware
  • If the Red indicator light is started blinking then wait, the file is loading
  • When you see the red light is stoped blinking LED TV is turned off
  • Remove USB Disk Drive and use the remote control to Start the LED TV

How to Download the CVX10H-A42

Everything is discussed about the CVX10H-A42 SmartBoard. Now you need to download the firmware to install or update. it is not difficult just an easy and simple task. Just click the download button below from the table. It will redirect you to another Google Drive page. Here you have to click the download button again. After that step, the Software RAR file will automatically start downloading. After some minutes you will see the file will be saved into your computer.

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