HK.T.RT2938P838 Firmware Free Download (All Resolutions)


Hi, Do you want to get the Firmware Software for the HK.T.RT2938P838 Smart LED TV Board? If yes then you can easily download all the files from this website. Many friends do search on Google for this type of stuff, but I would recommend you should not do this because it may be risky. You should always try the tested files. So today’s HK.T.RT2938P838 Software files are tested by our team, you can use them.

All the HK.T.RT2938P838 FIrmware/Software files that are available here will be in two types. The first one will be USB Updateable, (Most files will be USB Update supported) means, you can easily update this type of software using the USB Flash Drive. And the second HK.T.RT2938P838 software type will require the Programmer.

HK.T.RT2938P838 Firmware Free Download
HK.T.RT2938P838 Firmware Free Download

HK.T.RT2938P838 Firmware Download

File DescriptionDownload link
[PANEL_ T500QVR03_7_1920x1080 ] 
[SVN_9162] 2018_AL46D338]


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