LAD.MV9.D1 Firmware Download


The LAD.MV9.D1 is a motherboard specifically created for LCD/LED HD TV boards, catering to screen sizes ranging from 32″ to 39″. This all-in-one motherboard combines the main power module and inverter module into a single piece, providing convenience and efficiency.

It boasts various interfaces including Dual AV, HDMI input, Dual USB interface, PC Input with audio, and a Headphone jack, ensuring versatile connectivity options. Additionally, it features a 30-pin LVDS Connector screen cable and has a program storage memory of 4Mb.

LAD.MV9.D1 Firmware Download
LAD.MV9.D1 Firmware Download

LAD.MV9.D1 Specification

Brand/MarkChina Universal HD Three-in-One Board
ProductLED TV
LED Backlight Current300mA
Flash IC4Mb
Screen supported32-39 inch
ResolutionUp to 1920×1080
Panel Voltage12V
Power Input220V AC
Service CodeMenu+710

Download LAD.MV9.D1 Firmware

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