P45-53V3.1 Firmware Download


In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a detailed overview of the P45-53V3.1 firmware, its significance, and how you can effortlessly download and install it to unlock a host of exciting features and improvements. With advancements in technology, firmware updates have become crucial for optimizing the performance and functionality of electronic devices. The P45-53V3.1 firmware is specifically designed to maximize the potential of your LCD/LED TV main board, ensuring that you enjoy an immersive and seamless entertainment experience.

Introducing the P45-53V3.1, an all-in-one universal integrated LED TV motherboard. The P45_53 V3.1 Drive Plate is designed to support panel screens ranging from 32 to 39 inches, with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080. This motherboard combines the functionalities of the led backlight driver module, main power card, and ATV tuner module into a single, compact unit. Consequently, there is no need for any external modules when using this board.

The P45-53V3.1 is equipped with a comprehensive range of connectivity interface ports to meet the latest requirements. It features dual HDMI, AV, and VGA ports for seamless computer connectivity. Additionally, it includes a headphones jack and USB ports to facilitate multimedia playback and software updates.

P45-53V3.1 Firmware
P45-53V3.1 Firmware

P45-53V3.1 Specification

Brand/MarkChina Universal
Main ChipsetTSUMV53RUUL-Z1
ProductThree-In-One LED TV Motherboard
Supported ResolutionUp to 1920×1080
Panel32″ to 39″
Backlight Voltage72-79V
Backlight Current300mA
Backlight Power25w
Service CodeMenu+
Flash Memory4mb
Firmware NamePF_M53_V31B_300mA.BIN
Firmware TypeUSB Boot and Backup Dump

Download P45-53V3.1 Firmware


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