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P75-338V6.2 Firmware Free Download

Hi, Friends Finally In this post, I am uploading the p75-338v6.2 firmware for you to get this freely and easily. I was searching on the internet for this firmware but I have not found any website that provides this firmware that is easy to download. But you don’t need to search like me because now I am providing this firmware free of cost. It is a very easy task to download p75-338v6.2 firmware from this site, you just need to press some buttons and the file will be saved to your device.

P75-338V6.2 is the best high-speed Smart LED TV board that comes with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. It supports up to 3840×2160 resolution, and you can use this board for 32 inches to 56 inches LED TV Display Panels. So, guys, this is a very popular board and is mostly used in 32-inch TVs. Here we are providing the Firmware of all types of resolutions for P75-338V6.2 Smart LED TV board.

P75-338V6.2 Firmware Free Download

P75-338V6.2 Specifications

Board BrandSmart Universal
Main BoardP75-338V6.2
ResolutionsAndroid 4.4
Panel Size1366×768 and 1920×1080
Panel Volatges32″ 65″
Panel Voltages12V
CPUA7 4-Core
Input Votages100 to 240V AC

How to Update P75-338V6.2 Firmware

Are you finding a way to install the firmware in P75-338V6.2 SmartBoard? Don’t worry here I am showing you a proper easy way to install the firmware easily. I am showing here some steps you should follow carefully and it will be your responsibility if you do any step in the wrong way. So let’s get started.

  • Download your firmware from the table below
  • get an empty USB Flash and connect with to your PC
  • Now move the Firmware BIN to the USB Flash
  • Insert the Flash Disk into the motherboard
  • Now, Connect the power to the motherboard
  • Wait for some seconds, Software is being started
  • The IR light will start glowing
  • Hen it stops glowing remove the USB

P75-338V6.2 Firmware Download

  • P75-338 V6.2-1366×768-1G-8G-QUALITA | Download
  • P75-338 V6.2-1366×768-1G-8G-TELSTAR | Download
  • P75-338V6.2-1366×768-1G-8G-Stream | Download
  • P75-338 V6.2-1366×768-512M-4G-NORTH-TECH NT-32SMS | Download
  • P75-338 V6.2-1920×1080-512M-4G-NORTH-TECH NT-40SMS | Download

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