Sony Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram PDF Download (All Models)


We have gathered all the Sony laptop motherboard schematic diagrams in one place. So, if you need to repair your Sony laptop, you can use these diagrams to locate the required parts on the motherboard and replace them. We have also included a PDF of the Sony laptop motherboard schematic diagram for easy reference. Simply click on the download button below to get your PDF.

A laptop motherboard schematic diagram is a drawing that shows all the connections between the different parts of the motherboard. It can be used to troubleshoot problems with the laptop or to simply understand how the motherboard works. The schematic diagram for a Sony laptop can be found in the service manual for that particular model.

Sony Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram PDF
Sony Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram PDF

Download Sony Laptop Motherboard Schematic Diagram PDFs

01sony - foxconn ms01Download
02Sony DAHKCAMB6A0Download
03SONY DAHKDAMB6A0 Quanta HKDDownload
04Sony Foxconn MS01 MBX-130 - BoardViewDownload
05Sony Foxconn MS71 RAPTOR2 MBX-160 - BoardView (.DWG)Download
06Sony Foxconn MS72 RAPTOR3 MBX-168 - BoardView (.DWG)Download
07Sony Foxconn MSS1 MBX-155 - BoardView (.DWG)Download
08Sony gd5Download
09sony mbx-185 m730 - m730-1-01 - rev 1.0Download
10Sony MBX-189 M760 REV 1.0 SchematicDownload
11SONY MBX-196 - QUANTA GD2 - REV 2ADownload
12Sony MBX-208 (Quanta SY2) SchematicsDownload
13Sony MBX-237 V030 boardDownload
14Sony MBX-238 (Wistron Tucana) SchematicsDownload
15Sony MBX-238Download
16Sony MBX-250Download
17Sony PCG-21313M_FOXCONN_M9F1Download
18SONY PCG-5J5M VGN-CR21S - QUANTA GD1A MBX-177A schematicsDownload
19SONY PCG-5J5M VGN-CR21S - QUANTA GD1B MBX-177A schematicsDownload
20Sony PCG-61611M VPCEE da0ne7mb6d0 BoardviewDownload
21SONY PCG-FR310 (MBX-80 - QUANTA NE5) schematicsDownload
22Sony Quanta AK1 schematicsDownload
23Sony Quanta hk9Download
24SONY SD board mbx-237Download
25Sony SVF14N Quanta FI1 DA0FI1MB8D0 MB-HWS-20130820Download
26Sony SVF15 DA0HK9MB6D0_hkd-mb-hsw-20130205aDownload
27Sony SVF152A29W-DAOHK9MB6DO-REV-D-OKDownload
28Sony Vaio (Foxconn M612-1-01 MBX-176) SchematicsDownload
29Sony Vaio (Foxconn M620-L) MBX-178 SchematicsDownload
30Sony Vaio (Foxconn M630 M640) MBX-179 SchematicsDownload
31Sony Vaio (Foxconn M810) MBX-197 SchematicsDownload
32Sony Vaio (Foxconn MS22) MBX-167 SchematicsDownload
33Sony Vaio (Foxconn V030 MP MB MBX-237) SchematicsDownload
34Sony Vaio (Quanta GT1) SchematicsDownload
35Sony Vaio (Quanta RJ9) SchematicsDownload
36Sony Vaio FE Series MBX-152 SchematicDownload
37Sony Vaio FE5 Series MBX-149 MS10 SchematicDownload
38Sony Vaio FE880E (Foxconn MS13 MBX-149) SchematicsDownload
39Sony Vaio Flip 14 SVF14N (Quanta FI2) SchematicsDownload
40SONY Vaio Flip 14N SVF14N QUANTA FI2 DA0FI2MB6D0 R1ADownload
41Sony Vaio Foxconn MS30-1-01 MBX-152 SchematicsDownload
42Sony Vaio Foxconn MS60 MBX-159 SchematicDownload
43Sony Vaio FS Series MBX-155 MSS1 SchematicDownload
44Sony Vaio GT1 SchematicDownload
45Sony Vaio L-Series VPC-L137FX VPC-L11M1E M920 PVT SchematicDownload
46SONY VAIO MBX-126 (QUANTA JE5) schematicsDownload
47Sony Vaio MBX-142 RJ1-MB M26 SchematicDownload
48Sony Vaio MBX-153 SchematicsDownload
49Sony Vaio MBX-179 Foxconn M630 M640 SchematicDownload
50Sony Vaio MBX-249 MBX-266 (Wistron Z50-HR) SchematicsDownload
51Sony Vaio MS80 (Foxconn MS80) SchematicsDownload
52Sony Vaio PCG-61611 (Quanta NE7) SchematicsDownload
53Sony Vaio PCG-61611 VPCEE2E1E Quanta NE7 UMA DA0NE7MB6D0 RevD SchematicDownload
54Sony Vaio PCG-7184L (Foxconn M850-1-01 M851 MBX-204 MBX-217) SchematicsDownload
55Sony Vaio PCG-FR825CP (Quanta RB1) MBX-112 SchematicsDownload
56Sony Vaio PCG-K13 (Quanta JE2.1) MBX-114 SchematicsDownload
57SONY VAIO PCG-NVR23 - MBX-67 (QUANTA NE4) schematicsDownload
58Sony Vaio PCG-VPCCW13FL MBX-214 Foxconn M870 SchematicDownload
59Sony Vaio SVE151 E-Series MBX-269 (Quanta ZS HK5 Chief River) SchematicsDownload
60Sony Vaio SVF14 (Quanta HK8 HK9) SchematicsDownload
61Sony Vaio SVF14_Quanta_HK8-PVT-MB-20130117Download
62Sony Vaio SVF15 (Quanta HKC) Laptop SchematicsDownload
63Sony Vaio SVF153B1GN Quanta HKDA DAHKDAMB6AO REV.ADownload
64Sony Vaio SVF15N Quanta FI3 DA0FI3MB8E0 r1CDownload
65Sony Vaio SZ Series MBX-147 SchematicDownload
66Sony Vaio TX Series MBX-153 SchematicDownload
67Sony Vaio VGN FE (Foxconn MS10-1-01 MBX-149) SchematicsDownload
68Sony Vaio VGN FS (Foxconn MBX-130 MS01) schematicsDownload
69Sony Vaio VGN Series FOXCONN MS80 SchematicDownload
70Sony Vaio VGN-AR series (Foxconn MS20 MBX-156) SchematicsDownload
71Sony Vaio VGN-AR Series (MBX-176 M610) schematicsDownload
72Sony Vaio VGN-AR Series (MBX-176 M610) schematicsDownload
73Sony Vaio VGN-AR Series MBX-176 M610 SchematicDownload
74Sony Vaio VGN-AW series (Foxconn M780) MBX-194 SchematicsDownload
75Sony Vaio VGN-AW Series MBX-194 FOXCONN M780 SchematicDownload
76Sony Vaio VGN-AX (Quanta RJ5) SchematicsDownload
77Sony Vaio VGN-BX 195 196 500 (Quanta RJ1) MBX-142 SchematicsDownload
78Sony Vaio VGN-BX MBX-157 Quanta RJ6 SchematicDownload
79Sony Vaio VGN-BX Series (Quanta RJ6 MBX-157) SchematicsDownload
80Sony Vaio VGN-BZ Series MBX-193 Quanta TW1 SchematicDownload
81Sony Vaio VGN-C22CH (Foxconn MS60-1-05 MBX-163) SchematicsDownload
82Sony Vaio VGN-CS MBX-196 Quanta GD2 SchematicDownload
83Sony Vaio VGN-FJ Series (Quanta RD1 MBX-145) schematicsDownload
84Sony Vaio VGN-FJ SERIES MBX-145 QUANTA RD1 Rev1A SchematicDownload
85Sony Vaio VGN-FS (Foxconn MS02 MBX-130) SchematicsDownload
86SONY VAIO VGN-FW (Foxconn MS12 MBX-149 - REV 2.0) schematicsDownload
87Sony Vaio VGN-FW series (Foxconn M760) MBX-189 SchematicsDownload
88Sony Vaio VGN-FZ25 (Foxconn MS91 MBX-165) SchematicsDownload
89Sony Vaio VGN-LA Series MBX-178 M620 SchematicDownload
90Sony Vaio VGN-N Series MS70 MBX-160 SchematicDownload
91Sony Vaio VGN-NR Series (Foxconn M730-1-01 MBX-185) SchematicsDownload
92Sony Vaio VGN-NR Series MBX-182 Foxconn M720 SchematicDownload
93Sony Vaio VGN-NR Series MBX-185 Foxconn M730 SchematicDownload
94Sony Vaio VGN-NS Series (Foxconn M790-1-01 MBX-202) SchematicsDownload
95Sony Vaio VGN-NS Series MBX-202 Foxconn M790 DiagramDownload
96Sony Vaio VGN-NW (Foxconn MBX-218) SchematicsDownload
97Sony Vaio VGN-NW Series MBX-204 MBX-217 MBX-218 M850 M851 schematicDownload
98Sony Vaio VGN-NW Series MBX-217 Foxconn M851 SchematicDownload
99Sony Vaio VGN-P Series (Foxconn MBX-187) SchematicsDownload
100Sony Vaio VGN-P Series MBX-187 IRX-5040 SchematicDownload
101Sony Vaio VGN-SR Series MBX-190 Foxconn M750 SchematicDownload
102Sony Vaio VGN-SR55E (Foxconn M750) MBX-190 SchematicsDownload
103Sony Vaio VGN-SZ Series (Sony MBX-147) SchematicsDownload
104Sony Vaio VPC EG (Wistron Z40HR) MBX-250 SchematicsDownload
105Sony Vaio VPC L Series (Foxconn M920 PVT) MBX-209 SchematicsDownload
106Sony Vaio VPC Y2 MBX-229 (Wistron CADIZ-CP) SchematicsDownload
107Sony Vaio VPC YB (Wistron Tucana) MBX-244 SchematicsDownload
108Sony Vaio VPC-CW (Foxconn M870-1-01 MBX-214) SchematicsDownload
109Sony Vaio VPC-CW PCG-61411L (Foxconn M9A0 MP MBX-226) SchematicsDownload
110Sony Vaio VPC-CW Series MBX-226 Foxconn M9A0 SchematicDownload
111Sony Vaio VPC-EA VPC-EB (Foxconn M960 M970 H MBX-224) SchematicsDownload
112Sony Vaio VPC-EB (Foxconn MBX-223 - M960 M970 - L MODEL - REV SA) schematicsDownload
113Sony Vaio VPC-EB Series MBX-223 MBX-224 Foxconn M960_M970 SchematicDownload
114Sony Vaio VPC-EF Series Quanta NE8 AMD SchematicDownload
115Sony Vaio VPC-EG series MBX-250 Wistron Z40HR SchematicDownload
116Sony VAIO VPC-EG Wistron Z50-HR(S204-SC) MBX-250Download
117Sony Vaio VPC-F Series M930 (IRX-5100) MBX-215 schematicsDownload
118Sony Vaio VPC-F Series M931 (IRX-5300) MBX-215 schematicsDownload
119Sony Vaio VPC-M Series PCG-21313M (Foxconn M9F1) SchematicsDownload
120Sony Vaio VPC-SA MBX-237 Foxconn V030 SchematicDownload
121Sony Vaio VPC-W Series MBX-219 Quanta SY3 SchematicDownload
122Sony Vaio VPC-W215A VPC-W217JC VPC-W211AX (Quanta SY3 MBX-219) SchematicsDownload
123Sony Vaio VPC-YA_YB Sereis Wistron Tucana SchematicDownload
124Sony Vaio VPCEF34FX (Quanta NE8) DDR3 SchematicsDownload
125Sony Vaio VPCEH2N1E MBX-247 (Quanta HK1) Core i7SchematicsDownload
126Sony Vaio VPCF136FM MBX-238 Wistron Tucana SchematicDownload
127Sony Vaio VPCY2 laptop schematics - CADIZ-CP WistronDownload
128Sony Vaio VPCY2 MBX-229 09941-1M 48.4JH01.01M SchematicDownload
129Sony Vaio VPCYB3Q1R Winstron TUCANA S0201-SB rev sbDownload
130SONY VAIO VPCYB3V1E MBX-244 48.4ky02.011 SchematicDownload
131Sony VGN NR MBX-182 (Foxconn M720) SchematicsDownload
132Sony VGN- TZ Series MBX-168 Foxconn MS72 SchematicDownload
133sony vgn-ar130 -ar320e mbx-164 - foxconn ms21 - rev 1.1Download
134Sony VGN-AR130 AR320E (Foxconn MS21) MBX-164 LaptopDownload
135Sony VGN-AR130_AR320E MBX-164 FOXCONN MS21 SchematicDownload
136Sony VGN-BX Series MBX-175 QUANTA WK1 SchematicDownload
137Sony VGN-BZ Series (MBX-193 Quanta TW1) schematicsDownload
138Sony VGN-BZ Series (Quanta TW1) MBX-193 SchematicsDownload
139Sony VGN-C11 C22CH MBX-163 FOXCONN MS60 SchematicDownload
140Sony VGN-CR Series MBX-177 QUANTA GD1 SchematicDownload
141Sony VGN-CR Series MBX-177A QUANTA GD1A SchematicDownload
142Sony VGN-CR13 CR220E CR405 (MBX-177) SchematicsDownload
143Sony VGN-CS Series (MBX-196 Quanta GD2) schematicsDownload
144Sony VGN-FS Series (Foxconn MS03 DVT MBX-143) SchematicsDownload
145Sony VGN-FS Series (Foxconn MS04) MBX-143 SchematicsDownload
146Sony VGN-FS Series (Foxconn MSS1) MBX-155 SchematicsDownload
147Sony VGN-FS SERIES MBX-143 MS03 SchematicDownload
148Sony VGN-FSxxxx laptop schematicsDownload
149Sony VGN-FZ Series (MBX-165 MS90) schematicsDownload
150SONY VGN-FZ Series MBX-165 MS91 SchematicDownload
151Sony VGN-N Series (Foxconn MS70) MBX-160 SchematicsDownload
152Sony VGN-NR Seri (MBX-182) schematicsDownload
153sony vgn-sr26gn_mbx-190Download
154Sony VPC-W11S1R MBX-208 Quanta SY2 SchematicDownload
155Sony VPCEG MBX-250 (MBX-249)Download
156SONY VPCEH2N1E MBX-247 HK1 boardviewDownload
157SONY VPCS QUANTA GD3 DVT - ATHEROS - REV 1A 18.08.2009Download
158SONY VPCS QUANTA GD3 DVT - REV 1A 02.09.2009Download
159SONY VPCS QUANTA GD3 DVT - REV 1A 29.08.2009Download
160SONY VPCS QUANTA GD3 PVT - REV 1A 29.08.2009Download
161Sony VPS-S Series MBX-216 Quanta GD3 SchematicDownload
165Sony-VPCSB31fx-MBX-237-PCG-4121GL 3.0Download
170Tablet Vastking M1082Q-3G 10.1 ZM1124HQ-MB v1.1.1Download

What is Schematic Diagram

A schematic diagram is a drawing that shows the electrical connections and components of a system. It is used to troubleshoot and repair electronic equipment. Schematic diagrams are often used in conjunction with circuit diagrams, which show the physical layout of the components.

How to Read Schematic Diagram

1. Understand the different symbols that are used in a schematic diagram. Each symbol represents a different component or aspect of the circuit.

2. Follow the flow of the diagram from left to right and top to bottom. This will help you understand how the circuit is laid out and how the components are connected.

3. Pay attention to any notes or labels that are included in the diagram. These can provide important information about the function of the circuit or specific parts of it.

4. Use a reference guide if you need help identifying symbols or understanding what they represent. There are many resources available online and in libraries.

5. Practice reading and interpreting schematic diagrams so that you can become more familiar with them. You can find practice diagrams online or in books about electronics


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