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T.EME380.61D Firmware Free Download

Hey, Guys, this post is about T.EME380.61D Firmware/Software for free Download. Today In this post we will give you T.EME380.61D Firmware all tested resolutions for free. I have available here maximum resolutions of the T.EME380.61D LED TV Board. If you want to download then go the table and find your required resolution according to your Panel and Mainboard, then click on the download button.

T.EME380.61 Firmware Download
T.EME380.61 Firmware Download

How to Download T.EME380.61D Firmware

It is an easy task to download T.EME380.61D firmware from this site. Now, we have shifted our all files on Google Drive file hosting. So now it is very easy to get and download files from this site. You just have to select your required files and then click on the download button. After clicking the button you will see the new tab will open, click on the download icon and the file will be easily saved on your device. Please use WinRAR Software to extract the files.

T.EME380.61D Schematics Diagram: Click Here to find schematics PDF

T.EME380.61D Service Mode: Menu+1147

T.EME380.61D Firmware Download

File DetailsDownload
T.EME380.61D LM185B1-LE2 B 077 VORTEX DVBC OAD AT REL2 R15211 20130912 155657Download
T.EME380.61D LM185B1-LE2 B 085 AKAI CI ADJ DVBC OAD AT REL2 R14238 20130823 122421Download
T.EME380.61D V260B2-P01 IR HKC PVR EU K7 VINCHI DVBC AT REL2 R 20130803 120541Download
T.EME380.61D V260B2-P03 IR HKC PVR EU K7 VINCHI DVBC AT REL2 R13392 20130808 182423Download

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